Unexpected Instagram Posts Prove Dan Bilzerian Is A Man Of The People

More to him than you think?

Unexpected Instagram Posts Prove Dan Bilzerian Is A Man Of The People

Someone once said Hunter S. Thompson was a moralist masquerading as an amoralist, while Richard Nixon was an amoralist masquerading as a moralist. While you’d never put Dan Bilzerian in the latter category, whether he fits into the former is an interesting question.

Is Bilzerian a larger than life, Jack Sparrow-esque antihero, or is he the grossest squanderer of wealth since Citizen Kane?

Before you decide, consider Bilzerian’s latest photo series, which suggests he may not be as much of a soulless shill as he seems. In fact, the photos show a side to America’s most defiant playboy we rarely get to see.

Bilzerian recently took to Instagram to share a bunch of his fans’ photos, in a down to earth move that rather goes against his “look at me” aesthetic.

To be fair, it was probably good for engagement with his profile (and eyeballs were probably still on him). But the point remains: there’s more to the dude than hot tubs and fast cars.

Bilzerian has been opening up to his fans more lately. As DMARGE reported last month, Bilzerian recently admitted there was no special sauce to his personality, claiming he’s incessantly surrounded by women because of his “rad life set up” more than anything else.

So, though Bilzerian is unlikely to be the next Gandhi, could he still turn a corner in public perception? If today’s Instagram stories (back to lustful excess as per usual) are anything to go by, Bilzerian couldn’t care less.

One thing’s for certain though: it’s a picturesque ride.

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