Dan Bilzerian’s Girls: How Many Girls He’s Slept With In One Day

Hard question.

Modern age Great Gatsby? Rich douchebag? Masculine icon? Grown up enfant terrible? Whether you see him as the epitome of everything wrong with Western culture, or the epitome of everything right with Western culture, you can’t dispute Dan Bilzerian knows how to attract an audience.

The man has 32.6 million Instagram followers, money, yachts, a gun collection that could fund a rogue state and a mansion.

Though people love to stir rumours about how he affords it all, the poker player and son of a Wall Street ‘corporate raider‘ simply does not give a f*ck.

To give his followers a peek into his life, two hours ago, Bilzerian invited his Instagram followers to text him “whatever questions you guys want.”

Image via Instagram (accessed by ‘swiping up’ on Bilzerian’s post).

The only stipulation? He needs to be able to answer “without going into paragraphs.”

The first question Bilzerian answered was “how many different women have you slept with in one day?”

His response? Eight.

He was also asked when his book would be coming out, to which he replied, “March.”

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Interest piqued? His offer to respond to questions is good for about another half an hour (from the time of publication of this article).

Judging by the above Instagram activity, as well as the other antics Bilzerian has been getting up to lately, the book editing must be going really well or really badly.

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As they say: the best ideas come when you are relaxed.

On that front, Bilzerian seems to be doing ok…

Who are all the girls in Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram…

Here’s a selection of ladies from his most recent trip to South Africa.