Dan Bilzerian Relationship: Infuriating Advice Sparks Age Old Debate

A revelation that puts Plato to shame...

Dan Bilzerian Relationship: Infuriating Advice Sparks Age Old Debate

Dan Bilzerian is the masculine archetype we’re told not to aspire to. Confident, flashy, provocative – his lifestyle is as controversial as it is contrived.

But whether you dismiss him as a 39-year-old living out the puerile fantasies of a teenage boy with allegedly ill-gotten inherited money, or whether you see him as a larger than life character who cleverly taps into his audience’s psyche, it’s hard to deny the truth behind one of his recent Instagram proclamations.

As part of a series of questions sent in by followers, Bilzerian answered the query: “why are women so crazy about you” with a surprisingly honest revelation.

Rather than claim it’s all in his personality, Dan said it all comes down to having a rad “life set up.” In other words: you can be as dull as dirt, but if you have impressive digs you will attract people.

Bilzerian never claims this will keep someone’s interest in you (this is where personality comes in). But the point remains: the bulk of us like Shiny Things. To what degree we can (and should) overcome this has infuriated authors throughout the ages.

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The ‘status vs. personality’ dilemma has been explored by everyone from Shakespeare (see: his entire collected works) to Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby).

It’s also not the first time Bilzerian has got people talking about this concept. From 2018 Reddit threads to 2019 Youtube videos, the question ‘why do guys like Bilzerian attract so much attention?’ is a hot topic.

The conclusion? You want to work to achieve the sort of success that will widen a potential partner’s eyes, but without losing your values and personality along the way.


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