Dan Bilzerian Reveals How The Wealthy Are Maintaining Their 'Mental-Health' During Iso

Hugh Hefner's prodigal son.

Everyone’s favourite chauvinist Dan Bilzerian is up to his old antics yet again. If he’s not jet setting around the world or showing off his extensive gun collection, you can usually find our Dan huddled up to some scantily clad ladies.

Some may call him a legend among men while others will cry he’s the worst of our kind, simply buying his way into the public eye with a ridiculously ripped rig to boot. What we can be sure of, is that Dan will forever be the one to show off his wealth and not give a damn about the comments he receives.

His latest exploits appeared on his Instagram story where we find Dan settled poolside at his Las Vegas mansion. And, low and behold, he’s with two bikini-clad ladies who essentially perform for Dan and the camera, with one climbing his rock wall that drops into the pool.

He adds the girl in question can’t even swim. Insta views before health and safety. Classic Bilzerian. He goes even further by giving the ladies a frickin’ jet ski to pilot around the swimming pool, showing us all how to ‘motorboat’ like a pro. If that ain’t livin’, then we don’t know what is.

Never change Dan. Social media will be a far worse place without you.

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