Conor McGregor Rolex: He Can’t Stop Wearing This Ice Cool Platinum Watch

Cooler than a White Walker dipped in carbonite.

Conor McGregor Rolex: He Can’t Stop Wearing This Ice Cool Platinum Watch

Whether it has emotional value, or whether it looks particularly good on your wrist, any watch collector will have a go-to timepiece that they single out as their favourite. We think we’ve discovered that piece in Conor McGregor‘s repertoire of time tellers, his platinum Rolex Day Date.

The Irish MMA fighter has several timepieces in his collection – including a few Patek Philippes – but the watch he’s been seen wearing more often than not is this Rolex, ref. 228206-0002. It’s been a watch of choice for Conor even as far back as 2017 and recently, the roughly-AU$90,000-timepiece was his companion during a casual sparring session in his garage. Who needs a fitness tracker, anyway?

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This time, however, he’s showing off his Rolex with exclusive ice-blue dial (an exclusive colour to Rolex, that is) with his wife, Dee Devlin, in tow. Unfortunately, she’s not wearing a ‘hers’ version of the same Rolex, but instead, she has an Audemars Piguet Offshore Lady with 37mm rose gold case – ref. 26231OR.ZZ.D003CA.01 – which you can pick up for around AU$65,000.

Conor’s particular Day Date is available in a few variations: there are three types of indices to choose from and the dial can be specced with or without a diagonal motif. Conor’s comes sans motif, attached to the President bracelet and baton indices. You can choose to have the platinum version without the ice-blue dial if you so wish.

The Day Date first launched in 1956 and arrived as the very first watch to indicate the day of the week, spelt out in full. It runs on Rolex’s own 3255 calibre movement, which powers the entire Day Date family of timepieces, and comes complete with 70-hour power reserve.

The smile in his pictures only strengthens the case for this being a favourite within his collection.

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