'Meat For The Tiger': Conor McGregor's Risky Move Sends Internet Into Frenzy

Carnivore kicks.

'Meat For The Tiger': Conor McGregor's Risky Move Sends Internet Into Frenzy

Image: MMA Mania

Conor McGregor may have been stung recently in the Octagon, but he is taking his defeat like a champion. Rather than skulk home and sulk, he appears to still be in Dubai. And rather than spend all his time purchasing Jacob & Co. watches, he now looks to be enjoying a little more of The Skyscraper City.

McGregor recently took his family to eat at Nusr-Et – the famed restaurant of internet salt sprinkling sensation Salt Bae.

Real name Nusret Gökçe, Salt Bae has made headlines numerous times over the last few months for his carnivore breakfasts, stretching routines and bizarre workouts (not to mention his mind-blowing body fat percentage).

On Wednesday he posted a video to Instagram in which he presents McGregor with a “golden steak.”

“Have a look,” McGregor encourages his family, pulling faces while Salt Bae artfully slices the steak.

Salt Bae then offers McGregor the chance to sprinkle salt over the meat, which McGregor does. Salt Bae then feeds McGregor a piece of meat off the tip of the knife.

Risky but photogenic.

Instagram commenters were quick to offer their two cents, with some taking issue with McGregor’s salt sprinkling technique (“Did the salt wrong, bad form… next time”) and others expressing how impressed they were with the video.

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Taekwondo expert Farabi Davletchin (@farakicks) wrote: “Meat for the tiger.”

The post also, like most posts involving McGregor, descended into a frenzy of fans from rival camps with comments like, “We love you Connor” and “Khabib [strong arm emoji].”

McGregor’s future remains uncertain, but he seems to be angling for a rematch – a decider in what would be a trilogy – against Poirier, who lost against McGregor in UFC 178 in 2014, and then most recently beat him at UFC 257 on January the 24th, 2021.

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