Conor McGregor Reveals Secret To ‘Serrated’ Abs

These core blasting exercises look positively evil...

Conor McGregor Reveals Secret To ‘Serrated’ Abs

Image Credit: @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor has taken to Instagram to show off two medieval-sounding core workouts. The first workout involves a modified TRX Pike Up, and the second involves doing a weighted hanging leg raise with his arms threaded through leather straps.

Conor McGregor is no slouch. Despite his notoriously bad cardio, he rarely needs it, such is his ability to finish off most opponents in the opening seconds of a fight. In any case, compared to the rest of us mortals, he’s a beast, and what he may lack in cardio he makes up for with strength and explosiveness.

Speaking of which: ‘The Notorious’ recently took to Instagram with two core blasting workouts for all the world (or at least his 46.1 million followers) to see. The first one was captioned: “Abdominal muscles getting nice and serrated.”

WATCH: Conor McGregor’s Workout For ‘Serrated’ Abs

In this video, McGregor does what looks to be a cross between a TRX pike up and a TRZ knee tuck. To do a TRX Pike Up you start in a plank position, with your feet in the lower straps of the TRX (about three to four inches from the ground). At this point, your torso and legs should be in alignment (there should be a straight line from your heel to your ears). You then pull your shoulder blades back and down to engage the core.

Next, you exhale, keeping your stomach tight and your legs and torso straight while bending at the hips. You press your hips up and forward towards the shoulders. At the top of the TRX Pike Up you should try to have your arms and torso perpendicular to the floor with your legs straight. You should be looking at your feet and keeping your head neutral instead of looking at the floor or in front of you.

McGregor doing TRX Pike Ups with dubious form… Image Credit: @thenotoriousmma

As for the TRX Knee Tuck, it’s quite similar except there is a different hinge point: you put your feet in the straps and pull your legs up into a tuck position. We’d say Conor is either doing this exercise, or attempting to do the former exercise, but with poor form (we’ll let you be the judge of that).

Conor also posted a video of himself doing a weighted hanging leg raise (with toes to bar). He captioned this exercise video “core bomb” and the abuse we imagine such an exercise would wreak on your abs is truly atomic. McGregor does this exercise with a dumbbell (by the looks of it, a 15-20kg one) between his feet. The exercise involves going from a dead hang position to an L-shaped position (and then even further, touching your feet to the height of the chin-up bar). Conor did this 10 times, grimacing particularly hard for the last few reps.

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The videos encouraged comments from McGregor’s fans and critics alike. Among the positive comments were remarks like “I don’t think I have seen Connor in better shape ever in all these videos” and “the bionic leg is holding up nice.” Among the negative comments were: “just buy some ankle weights, you have the bloody money” and “should if carried on with no weight.”

Others were inspired to try the workout themselves. One wrote, for instance: “I need to add the weight to mine next time!” As for the 34-year-old’s much-anticipated return to the ring, news broke in August that it had been postponed once again. At the moment all that is known is that he likely won’t fight until 2023, with a representative of the Irish star telling media he is “on track” for a “big return next year.”

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