Couple’s Frisky Act In Balinese Temple Sparks Religious Scandal


Couple’s Frisky Act In Balinese Temple Sparks Religious Scandal

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A couple in Bali have caused a religious scandal after they were busted on tape getting frisky at one of the island’s biggest Hindu temples.

Last week, the Rambut Siwi Temple in Getasan Village, Badung Regency held a show for locals, which was filmed and put online.

During a comedy skit from the traditional show, a man and a woman can allegedly be seen getting frisky in the audience. They were subtle enough to avoid the attention of those around them, but not discreet enough to escape the attention of those watching the video afterwards.

Coconuts Bali reports: “The act, which is considered sacrilegious for a place of worship, has drawn the ire of the local Hindu community.”

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The couple are yet to be identified. However, according to Bali Express, the village leader Gusti Ngurah Ketut Dharma Adnyana said on Sunday: “They are probably from outside of the village.”

“We were looking into who the people in the video were, but nobody knows them.”

Gusti Ngurah Ketut Dharma Adnyana

According to Coconuts Bali, if the couple are identified, they may face “social sanctions as determined by village traditions.”

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