Working Out With Your Partner Is The Answer To Staying Together, According To Tim Robards

There's only so much you can do in the bedroom.

Working Out With Your Partner Is The Answer To Staying Together, According To Tim Robards

Defending an aerobics instructor on trial for murder, Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods once said, “Happy people just don’t kill their husbands”.

Although she may be right, mortality aside, exercising as a couple has a number of surprising upsides. Despite this, not many people are taking advantage of this endorphin-boosting activity. ‘Couples that train together, stay together’, we caption our bi-annual jog around the cul de sac—but few regularly put it to practice.

However, after talking to Tim Robards (a talented Chiropractor, human biomechanics enthusiast and TV personality) about his upcoming Twosome 2018 Challenge—and his training routine with Anna Heinrich, his fiancee—we’ve come away inspired to work up more of a sweat with our partners.

So, what are the common challenges to training with your partner? According to Tim Robards, one of the main barriers is one person is typically fitter than, or has different objectives to, the other.

“If you go to the gym with your partner, usually the guy wants to go to the weights section and the girl wants to do a class or go to the area with the lighter weights.”

To overcome this, Tim created ‘The Robards Method’, a training system where using bodyweight (and Olympic rings) you are able to adjust your workout to any level.

“On the same TRM Rings I could give you something that my grandma can do and I can give you something only an elite level gymnast can do.”

This means you can go down to the park and train together in the same spot, “Basically using the same equipment, but having two totally different levels of work outs—from gentle 45 degree pull ups to the (infamous) iron cross.”

As to convincing a reluctant partner to join you, he said it is important to set time-based, emotional goals.

“People who have weddings coming up do well at getting in shape – because there is an emotional goal attached to it.”

If you’re not quite ready to pop the question, he reckons Uniworld’s river cruise from Amsterdam to Frankfurt—the prize for the Twosome Challenge’s most transformed duo—which includes return flights to Europe, studio accommodation on the ship, on-shore and off-shore excursions, rooftop yoga on the deck, wine tastings, silent discos, farm-to-table brunches and dinner, might be enough to pique even the most Netflix addicted bae’s interest.

Training together also keeps you accountable, as well as strengthening your relationship (and muscles).

“When you’re doing something healthy as a couple, you are releasing serotonin together which then subconsciously, you know, makes you think – well actually if we spend time together we’re happier together.”

If after all that you’re still looking for a reason to sit at home and order Uber-Eats, consider this: “Training together will make you more playful around your partner, improve your relationship, and if you have kids you’ll be able to play with them longer without getting tired and grouchy.”

And if that’s not enough, check out the various studies that show how exercise can significantly improve your sex life.

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