Dave Bautista’s Panerai In ‘Glass Onion’ Is Good Enough To Die For

A big watch that's easy to miss.

Dave Bautista’s Panerai In ‘Glass Onion’ Is Good Enough To Die For

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was probably the most stylish film of 2022 – but one of the most stylish things some moviegoers might have missed is the exceptionally cool watch Dave Bautista’s character was wearing.

Rian Johnson is an exceptional director but we reckon it’s the costume designers on Glass Onion that deserve an extra round of applause. The attention to detail they took outfitting each of the murder mystery’s outlandish characters is second to none. Spoilers ahead.

Take Bautista’s character Duke Cody, an Andrew Tate-esque social media personality. He steals just about every scene he’s in thanks to his outlandish Versace-inspired wardrobe and Bautista’s insane bulk… Well, until he meets his untimely demise, ingloriously choking to death on a drink about halfway through the film.

We’re not sure we’d be caught dead in that many patterned silk shirts, but Bautista’s Panerai Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo (ref. PAM01070)? That’s another story. In fact, we’d be tempted to murder for one…

Images: Netflix / Panerai

The Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo, as the name implies, features a Goldtech case – a unique alloy of gold, copper, and platinum that boasts a lustrous bronze-like red hue while being resistant to any oxidisation and corrosion when exposed to sweat or seawater. Very handy for a dive watch.

Furthermore, the watch’s bezel is crafted from a combination of Goldtech and Carbotech, yet another proprietary Panerai material made from compressed carbon fibre combined with a high-tech, lightweight polymer. Essentially, it’s the perfect watch for a Grecian summer holiday, especially if you want to show off a little.

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Funnily enough, Dave Bautista isn’t the only former professional wrestler-turned-actor who owns one of these luxurious watches (and yes, we’re pretty sure he actually owns the watch – he’s been seen wearing it on the red carpet, too). Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a noted watch collector, also owns one.

Bautista’s Panerai isn’t the only cool watch in the film either: Daniel Craig’s character, private investigator and protagonist (and most stylish gent in the film) Benoit Blanc is also seen wearing a nifty vintage OMEGA Seamaster.

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