Elephant Seal Busted Trying To Barge Into Aussie Petrol Station

Only in Australia...

Elephant Seal Busted Trying To Barge Into Aussie Petrol Station

Images via TikTok (@mi00072)

An elephant seal has been busted trying to break into a Geelong servo, smashing windows and (some reckon) trying to fight its own reflection.

Chasing down a robber despite having a busted plugga. Not wanting to talk to the media after scoring one of the best waves ever surfed in Sydney. Topping your meat pie with vegemite (ok, that might be a step too far). There are a lot of super stereotypically Australian stories that have flown around over the years, but few so iconic and wild as this one.

An elephant seal earnt himself a police guard of honour (that’s what we’re calling it, anyway), by apparently trying to start a biff with his own reflection in the windows of a Point Londsdale petrol station. The elephant seal eventually calmed his farm and headed back to the ocean (helped by wildlife workers). The police came to ensure nobody came near to the seal, and achieved this goal.

WATCH: elephant seal barges into Point Londsdale BP

They couldn’t stop a video of the incident from lighting up phone screens everywhere though. A video of the moment posted to TikTok has garnered some 274.3k likes, has been watched 2.8 million times and has attracted 4341 comments.

In the comments various theories and jokes were had, with Aussies making remarks like: “Seal: I want my purple poweraid and fish for $6.50” and “Yeah… our country is wild.”

“Thought it was 7/11… wanted a cheap slushy.”


More keyboard patters on TikTok included: “I love this country. Seal said give me the fish hold the chips, yeah I want sauce with that!” and “How I feel stopping for a sausage roll and iced coffee.”

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Over on Instagram, meanwhile, according to the ABC, social media users debated the identity of the seal. One claimed the seal was called Henry, a marine creature well known for being sighted around Port Philip Bay. Others disagreed, saying Henry often visited at the turn of the century, but that this latest clip is probably a different seal.