Emirates A380 To Return To Skies

Trial and error.

Emirates A380 To Return To Skies

Photo: Emirates

It’s been a quiet few months. But as the twittering of birds is once again drowned by the roaring of expensive jets, there are ~questions~ we should be asking.

Is it too much too soon?

As we recently reported, despite restrictions loosening to the point where Brits and Germans are sprawling again in the Spanish sun, in Australia and America regulations remain much stricter.

Even though tourism-dependent countries like Spain and Italy’s enthusiasm for the unshuttering of borders is understandable, moving too fast could prove costly for every country’s GDP.

So: why the rush to get back to business?

Emirates, the Dubai based Titan of the Middle East aviation industry, which just announced it would be putting its A380 superjumbo (the largest and most expensive jets in history, designed to revolutionize air travel with unprecedented luxury) explains their decision simply: demand.


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Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer, said of the change: “The A380 remains a popular aircraft amongst our customers and it offers many unique on-board features. We are delighted to bring it back into the skies to serve our customers on flights to London and Paris from 15 July, and we are gradually looking forward to gradually introduce our A380 into more destinations according to the travel demand on specific destinations.”

“The Emirates A380 experience remains unique in the industry, and even though we’ve modified services onboard for the health and safety of our crew and customers, we are confident that our customers would welcome flying again in this quiet, comfortable aircraft.”

Emirates also announced the commencement of flights for travellers to Dhaka (from the 24th of June) and Munich (from the 15th of July) operated by the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER.

These additions, Emirates highlights, come off the back of the announcement earlier in the week that Dubai will re-open to business and leisure visitors from the 7th of July, with new air travel protocols that facilitate travel for UAE citizens, residents and tourists while safeguarding the health and safety of travellers and communities.

Emirates currently offers flights to over 40 cities, with “safe and convenient” connections to, from, and through its Dubai hub for customers travelling between the Asia Pacific, the Gulf, Europe and the Americas.

As thenational.ae reports, “Since travel restrictions were imposed across much of the world, demand for passenger flights during the coronavirus pandemic has been spectacularly low. As a result, Emirates – and many other airlines – grounded most of its fleet, including its 104 Airbus A380s.”

“With the capacity to carry up to 615 passengers in a two-class configuration, the jet has not had the justification to take to the air due to the low number of people flying.”

With a few tweaks to the service, that will – from the 15th of July – change.

Restrictions in place because of the coronavirus mean “there will be no in-flight shower spa or upper deck lounge access” Premium Passengers are used to enjoying. They will still, however, be offered the airline’s “dine-on-demand service, duvets and amenity kits,” thenational.ae reports.

Of course, if the demand is there, Emirates would be crazy to let their $445.6 million jets sit idle on the tarmac (as we reported recently, jets are bloody expensive to maintain, especially when out of action). But are we moving too fast? Only time (and coughs per capita) will tell…

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