How To Get More From Your Next Emirates A380 Business Class Flight

Score more from your next trip in Emirates Business Class.

How To Get More From Your Next Emirates A380 Business Class Flight

Emirates is known as one of the leading business classes for luxury travellers around the world. Ranked the World’s Best Airline of 2016, their hospitality and luxury cabin comforts are second to none.

From their world-class Chauffeur-drive transfer service to thoughtful mini-suites, your next flight out of the country could be your most memorable one yet. But not before we teach you guys how to score the most out of your next trip in Emirates Business Class on the double-decker Airbus A380.

Exclusive Before-Flight Amenities

The Emirates Business Class experience begins with the airline’s complimentary car transfer service, Chauffeur-drive. Whether you’re landing in a new city or taking off from Sydney, a Chauffeur-drive is readily available to get you where you need to be. This service is available in upward of 70 cities around the world and booking must be down 48 hours in advance.

Sydneysiders can use the luxury car service within a 40 kilometre radius of SYD. Additionally, travellers passing through Melbourne and Adelaide airports have an extended 60 kilometre range accessible to the service.

Check-in for Emirates is seamless with dedicated lanes for those flying Business and First Class, as per usual. After check-in, you’re welcomed into the cosy, yet conservatively styled lounge located near Gate 58 in SYD.

Your foodie soul can’t resist the premium snacks calling you from the Emirates lounge. Business Class offers delectable hot and cold treats alongside enticing breakfast options before your flight. Enjoy everything from grilled cherry tomatoes on toast with chicken sausage to Warbat Ashta and more. Artfully prepared and awaiting your arrival.

Need a morning tipple? Negronis are plentiful at the lounge’s self-serve cocktail bar. Where a plethora of fine spirits and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label are available any time of day. Pour yourself a drink and cheers to a good life.

Thanks to the 2013 Emirates-Qantas partnership, Emirates Business Class travellers have access to the Qantas Business Lounge in any domestic or international airport.

Premier Upper Cabin Business Class


Emirates Business Class is located on the upper cabin of their Airbus A380. The cabin is split in two, unintentionally creating a more secluded atmosphere for rows 22-26…as well as a preferred location near the on-flight bar.

Seats are configured in the 1-2-1 staggered layout, commonly found in other Airbus A380 business class cabins. The setup is ideal for travellers who prefer privacy during flight without sacrificing direct aisle access. One lavatory can be found near row 6. While the other four lavatories are available behind the bar at the back of the cabin.

Each seat sports a 48” pitch and 18.5” width which is noticeably smaller than their Boeing 777 business class. However, the A380’s offer flat bed seats versus the angle lie flat you’ll find on the 777’s.

Not all beds are created equal on the A380’s. Taller gentlemen, do yourselves a favour and opt for A, E, F and K seats. Their considerably longer than their accompanying seats, stretching in at 200cm versus 178cm.

You’ll notice the overall cosy atmosphere of the cabin immediately after boarding. Burled walnut and gold trims provide an aire of elegance with ambient mood lights for a welcoming feel.

No Pyjamas, But Personal Minibar


Emirates Business Class seats offer more than the typical settlement albeit it’s size. Each mini-suite is equipped with an adjustable, roomy side table and mini-bar (with it’s own mood lights, of course) supplying water, juices and soft drinks. The drinks aren’t cooled. Therefore, if you’d prefer a chilled beverage, you’ll have to call for an FA.

The seats offer an abundance of storage space. From a hideaway hole for phone charging to generous storage compartments which line window seats. The footrest also doubles as the undisclosed holder of shoes and all things valuable.

Unfortunately, Emirates Business Class doesn’t offer pyjamas like their competing airlines. Nonetheless, business travellers are still supplied with all the necessary goods for a restful mile-high slumber. Noise cancelling headphones, a soft duvet, and earplugs to mitigate noisy foot traffic and chatty folks.

The large and thoughtful supply of men’s luxe toiletries will keep you refreshed after a lengthy flight. Take to a quick shave with Gilette shaving foam and quality razor and moisturise with complimentary Bvlgari lotions and aftershaves available in your kit.

Seat adjustment is controlled manually or by an in-suite wireless tablet. From here, travellers are able to alter seat positioning, deploy massage feature, manage lighting and control the entertainment system.

Best Seats In The House


Frequent business class travellers have reluctantly sat in the best and worst seats around. Light sleepers need certain localities with minimal foot traffic and privacy, while others prefer added storage space for their goods.

For those who want the best seats in Emirates Business Class, opt for 23A and 23K. They provide additional legroom and feel sizable granted their location behind bulkhead. Although it’s located in the back cabin near the bar, it’s a relatively quiet ride.

A20 is solid behind-the-wing seat and suitable for those who want easy access to the window storage compartments. Travelling couples should opt for E & F seats for discrete canoodling and easy conversation.

Seats You’ll Want To Avoid


Don’t fall prey to the devilish lure of row 7’s extra legroom. Besides being located near the galley, you’re planted right on the wing with limited views. Window seats 7A & K also lack needed privacy with their exposure to the aisle.

Silent seekers should steer clear of row 26 for it’s proximity to the bar as well as all four bathrooms. Bassinets are secured ahead of seats 6D, 6G, 22D and 22G.

Best In-Flight Entertainment System


Emirates Business Class employs one of the best inflight entertainment systems called ICE. Standing for Information, Communications, Entertainment. Access new-release and classic flicks, binge-worthy telly and rhythmic worldly tunes all from it’s user-friendly platform. The 17-inch display is touchscreen and can be operated by the standard systems controller or the tablet device exclusive to business travellers.

One seriously cool feature in the entertainment system is the ability to see outside the airplane from your seat. Emirates installed cameras in the tail, underside and nose of the plane for a one-of-a-kind aerial viewing party for all passengers.

All seats are fit with USB ports and AC power outlets for charging up smartphones and laptops. FAs have multi-country adaptors on board should your flight not host the specific plug-ins you need.

Wholesome Meals With Extra Chocolate


Before take-off you’ll be gracefully adorned by an inflight menu, wine list and glass of Moët. The wine menu observes each wines tasting notes alongside composition and pairing for your meal.

After your glass of bubbly comes warm nuts and an apéritif with choice of Campari Bitters or Martini Vermouth, offered Dry or Sweet for good measure. Followed by a prawn and cha soba salad appetiser with a zesty wasabi-yuzu dressing.

Dinner options range from lamb to roast chicken, but most importantly…  the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich by chef Neil Perry. A classic chicken schnitzel enrobed by sourdough ciabatta and Swiss Cheese. A signature meal borrowed from their partner airline Qantas.

Choose from one … or two of Emirates chocolate focused desserts. Boasting a decadent chocolate torte, a lovely fruit tart with chocolate or a luxury hot chocolate for an alternative nightcap.

Should you arise early, snacks are available before breakfast including seasonal fruit, bread with jam and butter and yoghurt. After your Bailey-ridden coffee, opt for a hot meal of egg soufflés, ricotta-filled crepes and of course…more breakfast breads and butter.

Fleeting Words

The hype of flying Emirates Business Class on the Airbus A380 is seriously justified. From your personal chauffeur pick-up to onboard bar and lounge, Emirates radiates in hospitality departure to arrival. For comfortable lie-flat seats, endless servings of Moet and the best entertainment system around, look to Emirates Business Class on your next flight from Sydney.

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How Emirates Is Responding In 2020

2020 has been the most challenging year in aviation history for practically every airline. Emirates has been one of the few carriers (alongside the likes of Qatar Airways) that consistently continued to fly long haul even during the peak of the pandemic related pinching, helping essential medical personnel and business travellers get where they needed to be, as well as helping repatriate stranded expats around the globe.

As the demand for holiday making has slowly crept back, Emirates has been used by leisure travellers too (and continues to be one of the airlines of choice for the Australia-Europe corridor).

Emirates’ base in Dubai enables it to continue operations to a wide range of destinations, despite a much reduced global demand for flights.

Though some premium perks were modified (and temporarily removed) in early 2020 due to social distancing and hygiene restrictions, Emirates began reinstating them in July, as well as introducing some enticing travel initiatives, like paying for travellers’ hotel quarantine.

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