Dubai Showcases Simple But Savvy Change To Its Airport Seats

The new normal.

2020 has seen the airline industry change more aspects of its hygiene protocols than you can ping a mask at. Emirates is no exception: in recent months the Dubai based airline has nixed its first class showers, offered to pay for passengers’ medical and quarantine bills (under certain conditions) and introduced stringent new health and safety procedures for check in.

Its latest Instagram post has unveiled another change – potentially another element of the ‘new normal’ – which travellers may have to get used to long term. Emirates now, at least in Dubai, has clear partitions between seats, as well as red signs on every second seat, ensuring there is a gap between every passenger at the boarding gate (see second image in the below series).


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“Your safety has always been our highest priority,” Emirates captioned the post. “As we connect you to over 70 destinations worldwide from @DXB, you can feel reassured and confident about your wellbeing.”

“Our cabin crew will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) on board. Passengers will need to wear face masks at all times in the airport, during boarding and on board – as well as during disembarkation,” the airline added.

“We’re following all the guidance from the health and aviation authorities along with our additional safety measures to reduce the risk of infection on board.”

“This includes our modified inflight services, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, complimentary travel hygiene kits for all travellers as well as free global cover for COVID-19 health expenses and quarantine costs.”

This comes amid further changes to the airport experience. Emirates passengers now must book a stay at the Dubai International Airport Hotel if their connection time is more than 8 hours. Additionally, connection desks are now fitted with protective antimicrobial screens.


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Emirates has also changed some of its in-flight offerings. In an exclusive comment to DMARGE an Emirates spokesperson recently confirmed the closure of some pointy end services.

“As the health and safety of our crew and passengers are always our top priority, we’ve temporarily modified our service to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. To mitigate contact onboard, the Shower Spa and social areas, including the A380 onboard lounge, are temporarily closed until further notice.”

Emirates customers can view full details of Emirates’ current products and services onboard by route here.

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