Emirates’ Lavish New Premium Economy Arrives Down Under

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Emirates’ Lavish New Premium Economy Arrives Down Under

Emirates’ new premium economy cabin touched down for the first time in Australia this morning. Here are some pretty pictures of it, for you to take your first look.

It’s been floating in the airwaves (and living rent-free in the heads of aviation nerds around the country) but now it’s official: Emirates’ Premium Economy Cabin has landed in Australia. This came as flight EK412 touched down in Sydney shortly after 06:00 this morning.

To celebrate, Emirates has unveiled exclusive images of the first-ever Dubai-Sydney Premium Economy service. Everyone flying it got exclusive souvenirs such as certificates, passport holders, special polaroids taken in a bespoke sleeve, and a special individual cake.

Looking frontwards: Emirates’ new premium economy cabin. Image Credit: Emirates

56 premium economy seats will now be available on the EK 412/413, which is one of the two daily Emirates services from Sydney to Dubai. Customers were able to start booking Premium Economy seats from the start of June, with availability starting on the 1st of August. Emirates says it has recorded “significant demand” for this Premium Economy seat since announcing its debut in Sydney.

In terms of price, Emirates’ premium economy looks to sit roughly half way between economy and business class, in terms of price, with a return flight to London (from Sydney) in October looking to cost about $6,000 or so Australian dollars for premium economy, with business costing more like $14,000 and economy costing around $2,000.

Emirates ticket prices to London (from Sydney) in October. Image: Emirates’ booking page

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates, said last year: “We’ve come to an agreement with Airbus to bring forward the delivery of our remaining A380 orders and have secured financing for these units. These new aircraft will also add more highly sought-after Premium Economy seats into our inventory, as we prepare to fully launch this cabin product in the coming months.”

He added: “Emirates will continue to be the largest operator of this spacious and modern aircraft for the next two decades, and we’re committed to ensuring that the Emirates A380 experience remains a customer favourite with ongoing investments to enhance our product and services.”

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Emirates said of the new premium economy service coming to Sydney: “The A380 Premium Economy offers a signature experience unmatched in the industry, with a dedicated airport experience and check-in areas exclusive to the Premium Economy passengers; luxurious, non-stain cream seats with more legroom and footrests; dining experience with elements inspired by Business Class; and Emirates’ award-winning entertainment ice.”

Looking backwards: Emirates’ new premium economy cabin. Image Credit: Emirates

Whether you’re a Premium Economy sceptic, or you’re gagging to try it for yourself, premium economy seems to be on the rise, with many airlines cutting down on business class, even, to make way for it.

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