Ernie Hudson’s Diet Is The Reason He Became A Thirst Trap In His 70s

Grandads, the bar has been raised.

Ernie Hudson’s Diet Is The Reason He Became A Thirst Trap In His 70s

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We’ve seen incredible examples of golden-years fitness before — take the legendary Frank Zane still repping them out at 80 or the world’s oldest competing bodybuilder, Jim Arrington still showing up to compete at 90, as prime examples — but never have we seen such an exemplary rig flexed on the red carpet.

Ernie Hudson’s appearance on the red carpet for the latest instalment in the classic franchise, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, in London last week has taken the internet by storm. At 78, the veteran actor quickly became a most unexpected thirst trap after captivating audiences with his shockingly muscular build. Stripping off his suit jacket due to an unwelcome smudge, Hudson posed for paparazzi cameras in jeans and a tight black T-shirt, revealing some enviable arms to the crowd.

Social media users were typically vocal in their admiration, with comments ranging from the shamelessly lustful — “someone’s Grandpappy” — to those a little more restrained, calling him as “the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.” Hudson’s response to all this late-in-life attention? A mischievous chuckle and an admission that “it’s nice to be noticed“.

The actor, who has always considered himself to be in reasonably good shape, attributes his recent virality to the rare chance to escape the straightjacket that is the suit jacket or tuxedo for most men on the red carpet.

However, there’s more to it than his humble tone of voice suggests: Hudson only started working out regularly in his 70s. A two-time cancer survivor, he has come to advocate for an approach to health focused on common-sense practices rather than developing a muscular build. His fitness regimen now includes hitting the gym three times a week, working with a personal trainer, and regularly joining Pilates classes.

Image: Russel Baer

Along with his wife, Linda Kingsberg, Hudson also prioritises getting in 10,000 daily steps and staying on top of his mental health, which he believes plays a significant role in physical well-being, as do we. When it comes to nutrition, he’s a fan of intermittent fasting and moderating meat consumption, all complemented by a dedicated approach to hydration and skincare.

As Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire hits cinemas, Hudson’s unexpected new role as a fitness inspiration at the ripe old age of 78 proves that it’s never too late to take your health and fitness by the horns, and never too late to turn those all-important heads…