World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Still Competing At 90 Years Old And Squatting Over 250lbs

Age is just a number.

World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Still Competing At 90 Years Old And Squatting Over 250lbs

Image: News24

Jim Arrington, the world’s oldest bodybuilder, is defying age with his incredible fitness journey. At 90 years old and with a remarkable 70 years of bodybuilding to his name, he continues to compete.

When we heard about the 70-year-old Polish man’s body transformation, we thought we’d seen it all. Then we encountered the 80-year-old bodybuilder still pumping iron. Now, they’ve both been put to shame by Jim Arrington, a 90-year-old from Los Angeles who continues to lift and compete.

Arrington, who is about to celebrate his 91st birthday, earned the title of the world’s oldest bodybuilder at the age of 83 but has continued hitting the gym every day since. His passion for fitness and bodybuilding has not only kept him in excellent health but has also allowed him to live life to the fullest, as reported by The Daily Mail.

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Arrington attributes his remarkable health and vitality to his dedication to working out. He believes that his consistent exercise routine has allowed him to maintain mobility and reduce inflammation in his joints:

“I’m just able to continue doing things that a person my age normally isn’t able to do. It’s just the ability to function more or less normally like I was 21…”

Jim Arrington

The Workout Regimen

Arrington’s workout routine would be impressive for someone half his age: He hits the gym three times a week, dedicating Mondays to back and chest exercises, Wednesdays to leg workouts, and Fridays to shoulder and arm training. Each session lasts a whopping two hours.

When it comes to leg day, he can squat an astounding 250lbs (approx. 115kg), which is 1.5 times his bodyweight. When it comes to his arms, he can bicep curl up to 100lbs (approx. 45kg), and for chest and back exercises, he can lift as much as 140lbs (approx. 65kg).

As he’s aged, Arrington has adjusted his workout routine to accommodate his changing body. He now primarily uses machines rather than lifting free weights, acknowledging that his joints have become more vulnerable over time:

“I lift as much as I possibly can for the condition of my skeletal structure.”

Jim Arrington

In The Beginning

Arrington’s journey into bodybuilding started when he was just 15 years old.

Suffering from severe asthma, he sought a way to improve his health and discovered bodybuilding through magazine ads. He began exercising with 3lb (approx 1.5kg) weights in 1947; not only did his asthma disappear, but he also gained over 10lbs (approx. 4.5kg) of muscle within a couple of years.

He continued to refine his training methods and eventually came to compete in bodybuilding competitions. His latest victory came in the over-80s category at the IFBB Professional League championships in Reno, Nevada, where he also secured the third-place title.

Arrington in his prime compared to Arrington today. Image: Guinness World Records

Inspiring Others

Arrington is keen to make it clear his story isn’t just about personal achievement; it’s about inspiring others, particularly older adults, to embrace weightlifting and fitness. He wants to show that age should never be a barrier to pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I lift weights to encourage others to do weightlifting.”

Jim Arrington

Jim Arrington isn’t just a record-breaking bodybuilder; he’s a living testament to the incredible benefits of lifelong dedication to fitness. His story serves as a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to start working towards a healthier and more active life.