Floyd Mayweather Louis Vuitton Superbowl Flex Takes Accessorising To Another Level

We think he might like Louis Vuitton.

Floyd Mayweather Louis Vuitton Superbowl Flex Takes Accessorising To Another Level

It’s not uncommon for the rich and famous to flaunt their immense wealth. They’ve (usually) worked hard for it, so it’s fair game that they show off to us mere mortals. But one man who likes to go over the top and then some, is Floyd Mayweather, who has outdone even himself with his latest outfit.

Attending the NFL Superbowl LIV on the 3rd of February at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, the multi-millionaire boxer showed his devotion to a certain Italian fashion brand; Louis Vuitton. We’re used to seeing celebs head through airport security with countless Vuitton suitcases in tow, but Mayweather clearly didn’t pay for checked baggage, as he appears to wearing his bag instead.

Stepping out in a leather jacket that takes the very notion of ‘man bag’ to a whole new level. That’s because Floyd’s jacket has multiple bags attached to it, meaning he doesn’t have to carry anything by his side. It might look silly (although we won’t say that to his face, naturally), and we’re not entirely sure just how many trinkets he needs to keep in bags at a Superbowl game, but in real-world situation it could prove to be practical. However, we’re not sure he needs three belts slung across him, as they look totally pointless.

Before we went searching for the jacket in question, we assumed it may have been a custom design. But no, you too can be like Mayweather and get your very own for US$6,550, and it turns out the three belts come included. That’s our future career as a fashion designer out the window, then.

This is just the latest big statement move from the man with a 50-0 boxing career record, but it makes a refreshing change from the usual helping of insane bling or extensive car collections. 

Money Mayweather.

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