‘Gamechanging’ Hotel Room Hack For A Guaranteed Great Night’s Sleep


‘Gamechanging’ Hotel Room Hack For A Guaranteed Great Night’s Sleep

Some people can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Others struggle to drift off if there is even the tiniest prick of light coming into the room. If you fall into the latter camp, the internet has a solution for you.

A hotel room hack has left the Internet babbling. Courtesy of journalist Amanda Finnegan, the hack involves doing the following: taking a clothes hanger from the wardrobe of your hotel room, and then using the ‘pant clips’ to secure your two curtains together so that there is no gap.

Image via Twitter (@amandajfinnegan)

“If you don’t know this hotel-room hack…then you aren’t as crazy about light leakage as I am,” Finnegan wrote. She then followed up this hack with another seek-and-destroy light mission, posting a photo of a fire alarm with a band-aid taped over its flickering light.

“If you loved the clip-hanger on the hotel drapes hack, then you’ll love the bandaid and old parking garage ticket on the smoke alarm light trick,” Finnegan wrote.

Image via Twitter (@amandajfinnegan)

Other users chimed in with their own strategies for light avoidance. One said: “I know people who travel with chip clips or clothes pins for this purpose. I might be one of those people.”

Another added: “I unplug the TV and alarm clock and put a rolled up towel at the bottom of the door to the hall.”

Yet another added: “First time I did this for a work trip I overslept by almost an hour. It was glorious.”

Another commiserated: “I do major surgery on my hotel room in the middle of the night on a regular basis. Pillows for light under doors, tape and stickers on smoke detectors, unplug every device possible. It still plagues me. Send help!”

Other less sympathetic Twitter users suggested simply travelling with a sleep mask and earplugs. We’d have to say: with so many blinking lights (and buzzing fridges) in so many hotels, both options sound like smart ideas.