Gianluca Vacchi’s Latest Workout Will Have Your Head Spinning

"I'm spinnin' around"

Gianluca Vacchi’s Latest Workout Will Have Your Head Spinning

Like all industries, the health and fitness sector is always evolving. What is the “next big thing” today becomes a thing of the past after just a few years, with a new gadget taking over the mantle as the device that will truly help improve your overall health ‘once and for all.’

Of course, some pieces of equipment, or access to specialist health professionals, are only really available to those with money to burn, and going off a recent video posted by Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi, he seems more than happy to invest in his health.

Taking to Instagram, Vacchi can be seen held inside the SpaceCurl, a piece of equipment built in Germany that is a descendent of the vomit comets used by NASA astronauts to help them prepare for spaceflight, by allowing them to move around all possible axis.

Made up of three rings, with the “inner ring [able] to move freely in all directions in space, providing the basic system,” the futuristic piece of equipment holds many potential benefits, such as improving overall posture, strengthening abdominal and core muscles and as a means of therapy for those suffering from back pain. These are all made possible, since the only way of getting the rings to spin is to use your own bodyweight.

SpaceCurl adds, “The ability to have an upright, stable posture requires a complex interaction of muscular strength, force-endurance and a fine-dosed usage of the deeper muscle layers such as the intrinsic back muscles and the muscles used for fixation of pelvic- and head position.”

“The individual usually establishes this ability as a child and tries throughout his complete lifetime to optimize and maintain this ability.”

Considering Vacchi always appears to be in good spirits in the pictures and videos he posts to his Instagram account, we can’t imagine he’s ever in any real pain, but with a reported height of 5ft 6in, he may well be using the machine in an attempt to give himself a couple of extra inches where it counts.

However, SpaceCurl does also say their machine is used by professional athletes, so Vacchi could simply be using it to increase his overall body strength – this video of Swedish chiropractor Dr Hans Lindgren further shows how use just your strength of your body to rotate the rings – and as we’ve seen before, the 54-year-old is more than able to keep up with the young ones in the strength and fitness arena.

Watch how Gianluca Vacchi stays ripped in his 50s in the video below

While SpaceCurl doesn’t disclose just how much one of their machines costs, we’re pretty confident when we say it won’t come cheap. But, you can never put a price on your health.