53 Year-Old Gianluca Vacchi’s Upper Body Workout Will Destroy Most Men In Their 20’s

Father of fitness.

53 Year-Old Gianluca Vacchi’s Upper Body Workout Will Destroy Most Men In Their 20’s

If you’re fortunate enough to consistently go a full night’s sleep without needing to go to the toilet (and can easily remember what you had for breakfast yesterday) then the idea of passing the 50-year-old age mark sometime in the future may send shivers down your perfectly intact spine.

However, as we’ve seen recently here at DMARGE, life beyond 50 need not mean any less of a life. In fact, as the likes of Terry Crews and Lenny Kravitz have shown, as long as you push yourself, you can get in the best shape of your life.

Adding yet further weight to that argument is Italian playboy billionaire turned husband and father Gianluca Vacchi. A consistent source of “you’re only as old as you feel” inspiration, and proving that you’re never too old (within reason) to have a child – perhaps aided by a serious leg workout to boost your naturally dwindling testosterone – Vacchi recently took to Instagram to post a workout video that should really sort the men from the boys.

Posting a video of himself to his nearly 20 million followers, in what we presume to be his incredibly fancy home gym (complete with swimming pool), Vacchi finds himself on a regulation workout bench performing incline dumbbell chest presses and overhead shoulder dumbbell presses. So far so normal – both these movements likely feature in any gym junkie’s collection of chest and shoulder workouts.

However, Vacchi takes things one step further – and shows off his insane fitness at the same time – by performing both movements with his legs elevated off the ground. In doing so, Vacchi needs to embrace his core in order to give him the solid base to get the dumbbells pushed up above his head.

Usually, when one performs incline chest presses or shoulder presses, your feet would be planted on the floor and you would channel your energy through them so that you essentially ‘push’ from the floor, as opposed to pushing up with your arms. Taking that foundation away only serves to increase the difficulty, while also helping you on your way to washboard abs in the process.

Epic gains or (if done incorrectly) a back injury awaits…

Watch how to get ripped like Gianluca Vacchi below

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