Google Founder’s Superyacht Sparks Etiquette Debate In Fiji

'Chop hop.'

Google Founder’s Superyacht Sparks Etiquette Debate In Fiji

Image Credit: @brentbielmann

A superyacht has schlepped onto a surfer’s setup in Fiji, stealing the show from a surfer attempting to butt-drag his way across a left-hand reef break.

A huge superyacht has stolen the show from a surfer in Fiji. The video, posted to Instagram on October the 8th by Hawaii-based photographer and videographer Brent Bielmann, has caused consternation on numerous fronts.

Bielmann posted the video with the caption: “Excuse me sir but we are going to need a bigger boat…”

The clip drew the ire of surfers, first and foremost for the fact that the surfer in the clip did not make a clear decision to “go to turns” or to commit to getting barrelled, ultimately achieving neither.

Then a bit of a debate was had. Though some, like Instagram sensation Jay Alvarrez, lapped the mis en scene up (Alvarrez wrote: “barrels & skydives,” while another said owning a helicopter “obviously” makes up for not getting barrelled), others made such quips as “I wonder if the chopper makes up for not being able to get barrelled” and “When the Russians hit the lineup.”

“Either go for a barrel or turn but stop teasing us.”

Instagram user @paulaaaaay

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Another Instagram user claimed: “Last time I was there, I asked their PWC driver who was towing them back out every ride for a little love too (only guy out not part of their group). He failed to oblige. Not the platinum club level.”

“When I was there last time, had a similar yacht blocking the view and I told them, can you please move your yacht so my life doesn’t feel so s***…?”

Instagram user @jeanniechesser

Another opined: “Chances are if you were drowning out there and needed help they’d still ignore you.” Harsh.

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That being said, there were a few others who took it in good humour, with remarks like: “I’m paddling over and asking if they have any Grey poupon” trickling in too, as well as a smattering of far-out theories like “Slater’s yacht,” too.

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In April The Fiji Times reported that “a superyacht belonging to a Russian billionaire sanctioned by the USA, United Kingdom and Europe came into port” in Fiji.

“Public sources say the Amadea is owned by Suleiman Kerimov, a Russian oligarch who is currently sanctioned over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” The Fiji Times reported at the time.

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Amadea was seized and sailed away from Fiji in June, Staradvertiser reports, so it’s probably not the one seen in Bielmann’s video.

Regardless, 2022 has not been a great year to be a superyacht, with fires ravishing quite a few, and sanctions slapping quite a few more.

Update: Jeannie Chesser, a surfer who claims to be familiar with the boat, told DMARGE: “That particular superyacht was owned by the guy who invented Google and his wife. On board was another zillionaire couple.”

She added: “There was a helicopter, and they had frequent access to a seaplane. I surfed with his wife, Lucy, who had her own entourage of jetski hunkymen who would give her a ride back out to the lineup after she rode a wave. She was nice. I didn’t realize she was the Google girl til after…”

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