Harry Styles Wore His Grandmother's Funeral Dress To The Met Gala

How doth one employ thy urinal?

Harry Styles Wore His Grandmother's Funeral Dress To The Met Gala

Well it’s that time of year again. A time where the hottest celebrities get to unleash their most ‘artistic’ looks onto the world stage all in the name of fundraising. Sure, a simple GoFundMe page would have sufficed…but what would the world be without a bit of erotic funeral cosplay?

Enter Harry Styles. We love the guy for his often daring and gender bending wardrobe pursuits, but this one is probably enough to warrant the question of why he didn’t just wear grandmother’s funeral dress. The lacy Victorian era jumpsuit from Gucci is polarising to say the least and on Harry Styles it does exactly that.

Styles rocked the silky old school number complete with a Victorian brocade cravat, grandmother’s pearl earring (just one because two is for the commoners, darling), mirror polished man heels, lashings of finger jewellery and painted finger nails.

His partner in crime of course was none other than Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, who despite his talents looked like a rather fabulous Sindarin Elf from Lord of the Rings. Sure guys can dress how they want in this day and age, but it should also be fun to call them out should things get a bit nipple-ly.

So where does a man draw the line between art and style? Maybe at the point where you decide to bring your own severed head to the party like Jared Leto did. Till next year, you fabulous fashion fiends.

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