‘Like Swimming In Blue Gatorade’: Hidden Lake Leaves American Travellers Stunned

Simply stunning.

‘Like Swimming In Blue Gatorade’: Hidden Lake Leaves American Travellers Stunned

Image Credit: themandagies.com

There are a lot of beautiful places in the world. Stunning, even. But as COVID restrictions have acted as a (neccessary) emergency blanket over the last year and a half, many of us have almost started to forget what’s out there (except for those who insist on torturing themselves by FOMO scrolling).

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But as we emerge from our hermit nations, it’s time to start beating our eyeballs with possibilities again.

Enter: the following video. Posted recently to TikTok by traveller Janae Walla, it shows off one of the more picturesque sides of what appears to be Montana’s rocky mountains. Though Janae didn’t say for sure, one commenter suggests it’s “Glacier NP.”

Janae, who has been living and travelling in a van for over a year, called the moment the “highlight of my summer.”

Watch Janae’s ‘swimming in blue gatorade’ experience in the video below.

Checking out other images of Glacier NP, it appears it could well be.

Another commenter asked: “Will you bring back some Glacier Freeze for me.”

Janae replied: “Yes but I swam in it.”

Glacier National Park comprises 1,583 square miles of wilderness in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. The area is home to glacier-carved peaks and valleys, and it goes all the way to the Canadian border. There are more than 700 miles of hiking trails for road trippers and campers, and the mountaineous Going-to-the-sun Road crosses it crosses it all.

The photogenic Hidden Lake is known for insane ‘floating on water shots’. Other activities in the national park include backpacking, cycling and camping. There is plenty of wildlife, ranging from goats to bears.

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