How To Deal With A Jealous Ex, According To A Relationship Expert

"Don't throw fuel on the fire."

How To Deal With A Jealous Ex, According To A Relationship Expert

DMARGE asked Australia’s leading relationship expert, Samantha Jayne how to deal with a jealous ex whose behaviour could rival the way Kanye West’s treated Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian…

To state the obvious: breakups are tough. So, when you’ve taken some time to heal from the relationship and then find someone else to move on with, it’s a great feeling… until your ex suddenly comes back into the picture and starts causing problems because of insane jealousy.

Case in point: Kanye West. The Grammy-winning rapper has been non-stop harassing his ex-wife and Pete Davidson – ​​the first man she dated after her divorce from West. When Kardashian and Davidson made their relationship public, West repeatedly took to social media to post derogatory photos and captions relating to Davidson.

He even released the song Eazy which features the lyrics, “Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass (Who?)” and a music video depicting a claymation West essentially murdering a claymation Davidson. And when earlier this month, it was announced that Davidson and Kardashian had broken up, West posted a now-deleted image of a New York Times front page with the fake headline, “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28”.

While we hope that none of our readers have ever gone through anything that intense with an ex, we know that jealous exes are a common problem that can lead to serious issues; People reported days ago that Davidson’s allegedly had to go to “trauma therapy” due to “the attention and negativity coming from Kanye”.

West’s Eazy film clip shows a claymation version of himself burying a claymation Davidson alive. Talk about a jealous ex… Image Credit:100 Entertainment, Inc.

DMARGE exclusively spoke to Australia’s leading relationship expert and dating coach, Samantha Jayne and asked for her professional advice when it comes to dealing with a green-eyed ex.

“Okay, if your partner has a jealous ex, as hard as it is, don’t throw fuel on the fire. [You should] ignore them; they are only trying to create drama and sabotage your relationship.”

Samantha Jayne

Samantha further emphasised how important it is to turn a blind eye to a jealous ex because, at the end of the day, it’s their issue to work through, not yours.

“They love drama and are not healthy adults with their thinking and managing emotions. Acting out jealously, dramatically and in public shows immaturity and is embarrassing. [Plus,] if you react and buy into it, then it could backfire on you and make you look unstable.”

Samantha Jayne
If your ex is posting things on social media about you, ignore it. Image Credit: PopCrave

“Just know their jealousy is their stuff and likely one of the reasons the relationship ended… Empathise with your [current] partner, focus on your [current] relationship and calmly put clear boundaries into place.”

Samantha did say though that if your ex’s acts of jealousy become extremely intense, you may have to get law enforcement involved.

“If they continue to act out or [things] escalate, then sometimes a third party, such as the police, are good to get involved. Sometimes a simple phone call from the authorities is enough to put a stop to jealous acts of harassment and drama.”

Samantha Jayne

Well, there you have it. If your ex is causing you and your current partner problems Kanye West-style, just ignore them as best as you can. Or if you feel that your ex’s behaviour is over-the-top, call your local police station and ask for help.

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