How To Meet Women In Winter

How To Meet Women In Winter

Do we really need to go into the countless reasons why trying to pick up women in winter is a constant battle? It’s freezing, which means the motivation to go out and socialise, let alone leave the warm glow of Netflix, is at an all-time low.

Getting your glad rags on to trudge through the rain and queues for a potential date can be pretty bleak, but not all hope is lost. Here are 6 cunning ways to meet women when you’re in the clutches of winter and it’s too darn cold to go out.

#1 Hit The Gym


Instead of freezing your arse off, get sweaty at the gym and open your mind and eyes to the dozens of single men and women with exactly the same idea. Group training sessions are the perfect way to get paired up with a potential date and show off your strength and stamina. It’s got to be better than getting Hypothermia at an outdoor bootcamp, right?

#2 Get Online


It might seem like an obvious choice when it’s too cold to meet women IRL, but these days there’s a new dating app launching every time you unlock your phone, so winter might be the perfect chance to try something new in the world of online dating. Whether you’re swiping on Tinder, scrolling on Happn, or waiting in anticipation on Bumble, the cold weather will surely increase your pool of potential online dates.

#3 Party At Home


Who said hefty cover charges and expensive drinks was the only way to meet someone? Ditch the dingy bar and hibernate at home with your posse. Just make sure they bring friends, and friends of friends, or you’ll be setting yourself up for a night of Bromance.

#4 Order A Coffee…Or Two


Seems a bit cliche, the concept of meeting the love of your life as a hairy barista pours milk into your overpriced latte, but it’s gotta beat trying to pick up in the outdoor smoking section of a loud bar. If the cute coffee shop girl is right up your alley, just be sure you have the confidence to approach her with a non-creepy conversation starter and all those caffeine hits will be worth it.

#5 Work Your Daytime Routine


Instead of trying to meet potential dates in the dark when it’s cold and miserable, make it a part of your daytime routine. Grocery shopping? Dress your best and strike up a conversation at the checkout. Lunch break at work? Start working the common area, and if you own a dog, walk the hell out of that cutie in very public places. It will do wonders for your love life.

#6 Don’t Be Lazy


If you’ve done the hard yards and scored yourself a date during winter, as tempting as it is to invite her over for Netflix and chill, or down the pub so close to your house you barely have to roll out of bed to reach the bar, don’t be lazy just because it’s cold. Get creative with your winter dates, whether it be ice skating in the city, wondering through a toasty art gallery, or mulled wine on a new rooftop bar.