A Men’s Guide To Wearing A Scarf

If you've ever been unsure about how to wear a scarf stylishly, then you're in luck.

A Men’s Guide To Wearing A Scarf

A scarf is not only one of the most underrated accessories in menswear, it’s also one that is on the constant receiving end of abuse. Many guys will tell you a scarf is an assault on your masculinity. In fact, the opposite could not be more true. Not only can a scarf upgrade your outfit tenfold, it also provides a genuine use when the mercury drops and the temperature plummets.

But, as with most items of menswear, there is a right and a wrong way to wear one. What appears to be a simple rectangular piece of fabric, is actually something a bit more complex. There are rules to follow if you want to nail the scarf.

Whether you’re braving the winter cold, protecting yourself from the sun in the warmer months, or just looking to add a little flair to your wardrobe, it pays to know how to rock this kind of neckwear.

A scarf is a great accessory when it gets cold and you want to accessorise. That said, don’t try and be too flashy with your scarves. Try and coordinate it with your outfit, similar tones and hues will do it. Lastly, always buy cashmere, because it’s delicious.

Scarf With A Suit

The scarf and suit combo is a true classic for the colder seasons. It doesn’t take a lot of effort at all and can add another layer (literally) to your dressier wardrobe. When wearing a scarf with a suit it’s important to ditch the knotted look. That’s because you’ll still want the tire and dress shirt to still peak through. As a result, simply drape the scarf over your neck without any complicated knotting. If it’s a long scarf, fold it in half and drape as necessary.

And colours and patterns? Anything looks good if you have the confidence to pull it off. Choose a scarf with a bit of contrast for that extra pop or if you want to go down the subtle route, simply choose a scarf colour that matches your suit.

Scarf With Jeans

One of the coolest casual winter looks is the leather jacket, jeans and scarf combo. This is where your scarf knot game can get a little more fancy considering your base layer is just a simple tee or something light. This will allow you to add thickness to the scarf to make it a bit more noticeable.

Try the insanely simple Parisian knot: just fold your scarf in half, place it over the back of your neck, and pull the loose ends through the looped end. The benefit of this knot is that it’s easily adjustable (just remember that it’s not a necktie – keep it loose) and can be tucked into your jacket for added warmth.

Scarf With Jackets, Bombers & Coats

Jackets and scarves are a no brainer. This can extend to coats, bombers and the aforementioned leather jacket. The same rule here applies when rocking scarves with jackets – choose ones that add a bit of contrast to your outerwear. This essentially turns a functional piece into something a little more stylish.

As long as it doesn’t compromise the functionality or aesthetic of the rest of your outfit, no one will question using a scarf as the pièce de résistance. Patterns can also work perfectly fine here if you want to go for a more muted colour without looking flat.

Scarf With A Hoodie

A perfect casual combination if ever there was one, pairing a scarf with a hoodie will have you feeling cosier than bug in a rug. The ideal match for colder climates, a scarf can be paired with both zipped and pullover hoodies. Larger, chunkier scarves work well with zipped hoodies, since they will have the space to breathe if you leave the hoodie open, whereas smaller scarves will happily tuck into the neckpiece of your pullover hoodie.