'Eye Watering' Statistics Show What $10,000 Invested In March Last Year Could Have Earned You

Hindsight is 20/20...

'Eye Watering' Statistics Show What $10,000 Invested In March Last Year Could Have Earned You

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Hindsight is always 20/20. Speaking of which – an eye-watering Instagram post from social media account The Trillionaire Life this morning opened followers’ eyes to the amount of money $10,000, perfectly invested in March 2020, could have made them.

According to The Trillionaire Life, which credits @uptixs with the figures, $10,000 in these assets a year ago during the March lows would’ve been approximately:

  • BITCOIN: $150,000
  • ETHEREUM: $200,000
  • NIO: $250,000
  • TESLA: $100,000
  • PENN: $320,000
  • ROKU: $75,000
  • SQUARE: $75,000

Before you go sell your laptop, phone, rare nike sneakers and house to go pump money into a randomly picked stock or cryptocurrency, however, it is important to remember the following: by the time you’re hearing about a stock being on the up it’s probably too late to get involved.

Individual stock picking is a risky game even on traditional markets like the ASX or NASDAQ. Then when it comes to cryptocurrencies, though proponents will argue everything under the sun to get you to join their ‘Hodl’ cult, professional investors DMARGE has spoken to have said they are staying clear for the time being, due to the market’s unregulated, spin cycle nature (and the lack of ‘real value’ underpinning many cryptocurrencies), or dabbling (as part of a well-balanced portfolio) on a “just in case” basis to satisfy the FOMO of their clients.

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It’s also, of course, unrealistic to suggest you would ever be able to chuck $10,000 into the market at ‘the perfect time.’ Again – hindsight is 2020…

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