This $348,000 Jacob & Co. Watch Is A Crypto Millionaire’s Wet Dream

"To the moon!"

This $348,000 Jacob & Co. Watch Is A Crypto Millionaire’s Wet Dream

Jacob & Co. are known for making outlandish watches… But this one might be their most over-the-top yet.

The story of Jacob & Co. is one that continues to delight and astound luxury aficionados. Soviet immigrant Jacob Arabo went operating a small booth in New York City’s Diamond District to becoming one of the most famous jewellers on the planet after legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G. discovered him and introduced him to his famous friends.

For a long period in the late 90s/early 00s, all the biggest hip-hop artists in America were either wearing or rapping about Jacob: 50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West… In recent years, Arabo has become more famous for his watches, which are made in Switzerland and typically feature not only some genuinely innovative complications but also an absurd amount of bling… As well as pop culture nods most watchmakers wouldn’t dare feature on a piece of haute horlogerie.

Case in point: the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin, a crypto-themed take on the brand’s popular Astronomia model, which was just unveiled at Geneva Watch Days 2022. They describe it as “a symbolic and horological tribute to the world of cryptocurrency” and “a nod to the success of those who have mastered Bitcoin.”

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Weighing in at 44mm wide and 17mm thick, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin features a greenhouse-like titanium DLC case that houses a unique multi-pronged rotating armature, upon which the actual watch face, the watch’s double-axis tourbillon movement, a magnesium globe of the earth, a 288-facet orange citrine and a 1ct white diamond are suspended.

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A miniature rendition of the Bitcoin sign is also mounted to the rotating structure, as well as a little rocket – referencing the ‘to the moon’ catch-cry crypto bros love so much. The watch face is shaped like a computer fan, “a nod to the ones found in Bitcoin mining farms’ servers,” Jacob & Co. explains. Finally, the dial features a circuit board graphic and Bitcoin-related terminology.

While the watch has a fixed price of US$348,000 (for regulatory purposes), Jacob & Co. will be selling all 25 examples of this watch in cryptocurrencies only. Naturally, you can (and probably should) buy it with Bitcoin, but you can also use Ethereum, Litecoin or even Dogecoin for maximum meme value.

WATCH a close-up of the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin’s movement in action below.

Naturally, this watch is a crypto millionaire’s wet dream; the ultimate statement piece for a cashed-up degenerate. It’s incredibly impressive from a technical level, but the theming is really what makes this watch so outrageous.

This isn’t the first time a watchmaker has used crypto as a theme for a watch. Franck Muller, another high-end watch brand that’s a favourite of celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo (who also owns a few Jacob & Co. pieces too), released the Vanguard Encrypto last year, “the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch” with a QR code on the dial that links to a crypto wallet.

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