James Bond Boss Reveals Update On Next Director And Daniel Craig’s Replacement

Licence to tease.

James Bond Boss Reveals Update On Next Director And Daniel Craig’s Replacement


Barbara Broccoli, one of the integral agents responsible for the continued success of the James Bond franchise in the modern era, has given fans a disappointing update regarding the search for a new 007, suggesting that the recruitment process to replace Britain’s deadliest spy hasn’t even begun…

The plan to replace one of the James Bond franchise’s most iconic actors was thought to be well underway following Daniel Craig’s final swan song as Britain’s most lethal spy in No Time to Die. The British actor relinquished his licence to kill in the most dramatic and explosive way possible, bowing out after five feature films in the role, spanning 15 years.

Given the storied legacy of one of the most significant characters in cinema franchise history, there were rumours abound as to what direction the new James Bond movies will take, following the lead from esteemed producers Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G Wilson.

Daniel Craig said goodbye to Bond in No Time To Die. Image: Universal Pictures

Yet now it appears that Broccoli has seemingly cooled the hot rumours circulating about the plans to produce the next Bond flick, claiming that they haven’t even begun to think about who will direct the next series of films, and more importantly, who will lead them.

“Daniel gave us the ability to mine the emotional life of the character, and also the world was ready for it,” Broccoli said to The Guardian. “I think these movies reflect the time they are in, and there’s a big, big road ahead reinventing it for the next chapter and we haven’t even begun with that.”

It was reported that Christopher Nolan, the legendary filmmaker responsible for Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, and, of course, Oppenheimer, was poised to take over from Cary Joji Fukunaga for Bond 26, ushering in the new modern era of James Bond’s next mission.

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Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson haven’t even begun the search for the next Bond. Image: Getty

Nolan has never been one to shy away from his deep admiration for Ian Fleming’s original material, and the enduring legacy Bond has enjoyed in the world of cinema; but the British-American filmmaker has remained typically tight-lipped when pressed on his availability – and desire – to direct the next instalment of 007 films.

“I love these movies,” Nolan said during the promotion of Oppenheimer “The influence of them on my filmography is embarrassingly apparent. There’s no attempt to shy away from that. I love the films. It would be an amazing privilege to do one.”

But in true James Bond fashion, as mysterious as a secret agent’s mission, details about the next cinematic adventure will remain Top Secret, for now. Nevertheless, fans are on a relentless mission for answers, chasing clues faster than Bond’s classic Aston Martin DB5.