Jason Statham Suit: How Bald Men Can Look Stylishly Masculine

"You don't know me...you're about to."

Jason Statham Suit: How Bald Men Can Look Stylishly Masculine

No hair? No worries. Jason Statham has been making a noticeable stand in the past week by proving men with no hair can look damn sharp.

We know what you’re thinking: looking like Jason Statham might help, but you won’t need to if you’ve got the right tools like this man does.

The secret lies in complementing the lack of hair with other elements of an outfit. A nicely fitted suit, face stubble, sunglasses, a bit of colour blocking. All of these minor features can add depth to a man’s look without going overboard and the evidence is right here.

At the latest ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ screening in London, Statham stepped out in a simple yet ultra sharp grey suit contrasted against a military green dress shirt and matching knitted green tie. Throw in matching military hued sunglasses and you have one hell of a summer suiting look that oozes masculine cool.

The 51-year-old action actor finished off the suit with a pair of pointed black dress shoes which goes well with the no-nonsense minimalist look.

Those who are observant enough will also notice that Statham is a fan of the double stacked jacket pocket. Just the week prior at another film launch he donned a full black suit with double stacked pockets. The sunglasses? Once again matching in colour with his suit.

Well played from this action man who shows no signs of slowing down. The take away from these looks? Embrace the baldness as a fitted suit is your friend.

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