Jeff Bezos Gave Housekeeper ‘Frequent UTIs’, Employee Launching Inhumane Conditions Lawsuit Claims

Oh dear, Jeff.

Jeff Bezos Gave Housekeeper ‘Frequent UTIs’, Employee Launching Inhumane Conditions Lawsuit Claims

Image: @JeffBezos

Former housekeeper Mercedes Wedaa has launched a lawsuit against Jeff Bezos and two property management firms, alleging inhumane working conditions and seeking millions in damages.

Jeff Bezos may have one of the world’s most expensive superyachts and enjoy seemingly endless holidays around the Mediterranean, but this high-gloss billionaire lifestyle may be a shiny facade hiding some darker secrets. At least, that’s what a former housekeeper claims…

Potentially set to receive millions of dollars in damages, the ex-employees accusations have recently come to light and revealed what Wedaa claims were hazardous and unhygienic conditions endured by her and her fellow employees.

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The Allegations Against Bezos

As reported by The Richest, Mercedes Wedaa initiated legal action in November 2022, levelling serious accusations against Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and two companies responsible for managing his properties. The allegations are alarming and, if proven true, could result in a significant financial blow to the billionaire.

One of the most disturbing claims centres around the gruelling working hours endured by his in-home employees, which bear a striking resemblance to the less-than-ideal conditions endured by his warehouse employees too

Wedaa alleges that she and her colleagues were subjected to 14-hour shifts without any breaks, a practice that she contends is both dangerous and inhumane. In addition, employees were instructed to maintain discretion around the Bezos residence as the family preferred not to see housekeeping staff around the property, adding to the overall stress and a far from welcoming atmosphere.

No Bathroom Breaks

Perhaps the most shocking revelation from the lawsuit pertains to the limited access to restroom facilities for the housekeeping staff. When the Bezos family were home, housekeepers were restricted from entering the residence except for strictly necessary cleaning duties. As a result, this meant that staff had no access to the property’s restrooms.

Instead, they were instructed to use a facility that was allegedly hazardous to reach, requiring staff to climb through a window before making their way through a dirty mechanical room and a chemically saturated laundry room, with the unhygienic practices resulting in a number of health consequences including frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Additionally, Wedaa highlights the absence of designated rest areas for the staff, forcing housekeeping employees to eat their meals in the laundry room too. She also describes instances of discriminatory treatment toward Hispanic employees.

Jeff Bezos' Beverly Hills mansion under construction.
Here is one of Bezos’ latest property acquisitions — a $270m AUD Beverly Hills mansion. Image: Splash News

Final Thoughts

Wedaa states that she voiced her concerns about the mistreatment of employees but was met with resistance and demotion before ultimately being fired for speaking up. While the specific amount Wedaa is seeking in damages remains undisclosed, a successful lawsuit could result in a substantial payout for Bezos given the severity of the claim.

In response to the lawsuit, Jeff Bezos has denied all allegations. His attorney contends that Wedaa only initiated the lawsuit after her request for a $9 million USD settlement was rejected by Bezos’ legal team.

While the outcome of the lawsuit remains uncertain, with a net worth approaching $150 billion USD, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that not only will Bezos be able to cover any required costs but that a change in behaviour is pretty unlikely…