Watch Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Put The Moves On Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr. Steal Yo' Girl.

Yet again Leonardo DiCaprio proves how irresistible he is. Footage has emerged of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez, chatting with him (with Bezos at her side) at the Film Gala in LA.

Bezos has been romantically linked to Sanchez since 2019, after separating from his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie Scott.

The exchange between DiCaprio and Sanchez has gone viral, with Instagram account @timeneverlieschico being one of the many outlets to share the clip.

Some choice comments emerged from their fan base. The comments ranged from sympathy (“don’t blame her”) to wild speculation (“she gave him those bedroom eyes”).

The exchange also seemed to give the romantics of Instagram a flash of hope. One wrote: “Just to show money doesn’t mean a thing.”

Instagram user @margaretintheskywithdiamonds also expressed their sympathy, writing: “Oooooh man the way she’s looking at Leo 👀🤣.”

Another quip, from another cheeky follower, was: “😂😂😂… if this is chatting…🙈🧛.”“If I was Jeff, I’d be concerned…”, another follower thew on the pile.

Speaking of being concerned, Bezos, in good humour (presumably), took to Twitter, later on, to share the following light-hearted warning to DiCaprio.

Mr Steal Yo’ Girl indeed…

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