Australian Comedian Perfectly Captures The Pain Of A Jetstar Flight Delay

Right in the feels...

Australian Comedian Perfectly Captures The Pain Of A Jetstar Flight Delay

Image Credit: @jacksteele

Australian funnyman (and “part time casual” at comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed) Jack Steele has taken to Instagram to show how it feels to be screwed over by flight delays when coming come from Bali two days in a row.

Comedian Jack Steele and his mates enjoyed three weeks in Bali, before attempting to fly home on Sunday. Their flight was delayed though. This morning it was delayed again. The first delay was put down to “engineering”; today’s was blamed on “operational requirements.”

Steele took a break from making quips like “bidetforit” to show the aftermath of a two day flight delay. The video, which he posted to his Instagram Story, shows his mates hanging around, looking over it, with trolleys full of luggage and surfboards. The footage was taken in the airport.

The video, which was posted to Steele’s Instagram story, was captioned: “Two days of flight cancellations will do it to ya.”

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A DMARGE correspondant, Max Langridge, who was on the same (twice delayed) flight, revealed some of the other horrors passengers had to go through, saying the wifi in the hotel he was put up at was “dogcrap.”

“There’s just no info, otherwise I’m not too bothered,” he added, apparantly in no rush to get back to Sydney, where it’s 14 degrees and rainy. “It’s annoying for sure.”

Sure Max, sure.

Left: the email Max got on day one of the delay. Right: the email Max got on day two of the delay.

Further issues with the hotel set up (the Hilton Garden Inn Bali, in case you were wondering), according to Max, were the stingy food allowance and the lack of alcohol vouchers.

“We got given $30US for food. Doesn’t include alcohol. Ridiculous,” Max said.  

“The hotel is out of French fries, this is just taking the piss now.”

Max Langridge

As for the latest news on the flight back to Sydney, we don’t know how The Inspired Unemployed have fared, but Max looks to be stranded in a pool of his own sweat for a little while longer.

“On live chat to them to check we are going to fly tonight. They said the flight number is still scheduled to depart at 14:00. It’s 15:51 and I’m not on it. They’ve asked for a copy of the email I received.”

Max Langridge

Just goes to show: if you decide to dabble in the delights of Jetstar (and its delightful pricing) then these things can happen (not that pricy airlines don’t have delays too, but they seem to happen less often, and they usually are able to solve the problem quicker).

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