Jo Lindner’s Steroid Warning Is An Honest Truth

"...just go to the gym, put [in] the time and put [in] the effort and put [in] the dedication."

Jo Lindner’s Steroid Warning Is An Honest Truth

Admitting to using steroids is a bit like confessing to using Tinder back when there was still a stigma around dating apps.

In that vein… Mention steroids to anyone with muscles that, were you not witnessing them in real life, you would automatically assume were photoshopped, and you’ll likely be met with a negative response.

Nailing down an exact figure in relation to the number of people who admit to taking steroids is like drawing blood from a stone, although, in Australia at least, only between 0.1% – 0.8% of the population are believed to have dabbled with the performance-enhancing drug. And while it’s easy to associate the drug with gym-bros and guys who wish to fill out their tank tops to ungodly proportions, steroids can also be used by those that require a higher level of alertness when at work, such as police officers or security staff.

The potential side effects of steroids are well documented, and these alone should be enough to deter any wannabe muscle mountain (testicular shrinkage and man-boobs? No thank you). But just in case you needed anymore warning against using them, German bodybuilder Jo Lindner has recently published a video to his YouTube account, that offers some brutally honest advice that comes from life experience.

The video is the second of his outlying the dangers of steroids and, while it can be a little tricky to understand everything he’s saying, the underlying warning to anyone who has ever thought about taking the drug to make sensible decisions couldn’t be clearer.

Jo doesn’t say you shouldn’t take steroids, but instead simply regales his experiences. He admits when he first approached steroids, he had no idea what he was doing and simply followed the advice of those around him. This proved to be a mistake, and he developed gynecomastia – an enlargement of breast tissue – along with “burning nipples”.

“If you already take stuff [why would you not use it properly] if you want to [build a better physique]?. It’s like in school, they’re gonna put you immediately to the final exams and say here, maybe you study before you do all this and you study this, this and this and you learn and then you understand and then when you do the test you’re like ‘I know the answers’.”

“Instead of just doing like me in school, not learning anything, going into the exams and sitting there like *blank expression*.”

“You need to get proper knowledge, educate yourself, and when you really feel like you know, ‘I want to do this’, then go for it.”

“But don’t just go for the quick fast results kind of thing, you know.”

He does still take supplements but recently revealed the ones he takes are well-researched and are widely available to anyone, and aren’t just consumed by the bodybuilding community.

Jo also brings up the topic that we’ve previously covered here at DMARGE: understanding how you can tell whether someone is using steroids or not. He says he sees comments on Instagram images all the time, with people claiming so and so are clearly using steroids. However, he says that guys he believes to be natural are also getting the same comments.

He adds that these “idols” could be “genetic freaks”, but continues by saying it could simply be a good photo, “in pictures also they look different than real life.”

“You have to understand, the guy on Instagram, he looks crazy but it’s in good light, with a pump (a state immediately following a workout) with this and that.”

He then offers some of the wisest words he’s probably ever said,

“You can also look pretty decent, just go to the gym, put [in] the time and put [in] the effort and put [in] the dedication, stay motivated, follow a good routine for months, for years, and you also are able to develop a very good physique.”

He follows up by claiming the main thing you should be aiming for, for an improved aesthetic, is a six-pack, “that’s what the girls like”. Clearly, this video was made before he took to the gym to ask women if they find a guy with a six-pack attractive. The result was a resounding, no.

You can view the hear about Jo’s full story in relation to using steroids in the video above. It makes for compelling viewing and provides a fascinating insight into the hormone-injecting world of bodybuilders and the mistakes to avoid. Ultimately, “don’t be stupid bro.”

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