John Daly ‘Hangover 101’ Advice Breaks The Internet

If you know, you know.

John Daly ‘Hangover 101’ Advice Breaks The Internet

John Daly, the American golfer who is known as much for his off-the-course antics as he is for his remarkable talent on the fairway, has popped the Internet’s cork with a hilarious video where he shares “hangover advice 101.”

John Daly is a legend. The 56-year-old is called Long John for a reason. The PGA Tour player is not only famous for his massive drives but also his f*ck-your-country-club ~vibe~. He also has a hectic backswing, and some exceptional event wins under his belt.

But if you think his two greatest feats are his victory in the 1991 PGA Championship or his playoff victory over Costantino Rocca in the 1995 Open Championship, think again: Daly is also, it turns out, a paragon of health and wellness wisdom.

WATCH: John Daly gives ‘hangover 101’ advice

How so? Well, a video that has warped encephala all over Instagram shows Daly giving some hilarious hangover advice. While trundling along in a buggy, speaking to the camera, after being asked “What’s the best way to nurse a hangover?”, Daly says: “Drink the same s*** you drank the night before.”

He then explained that he didn’t have access to a certain brand of vodka which he calls the best, but that he has settled in this instance for an inferior alternative. These remarks inspired comments like: “JD’s Lungs and Liver must be the most hard-working organs in human history” and “JD is my lord and savior.”

Another wrote: “Playing golf barefoot, ripping cowboy killers, and cranking Larry Fleet. A man of the people.” Yet another quipped: “We’ve been lied to. McDonald’s, cig’s and beer: 3 basic food groups.”

Not everyone was impressed though. Some Instagram users slammed Daly for glorifying alcohol. One wrote: “He is not funny or cool. Guy is a one-of-a-kind and a legend but also glamorizes alcoholism.”

There you have it. Food (or rather, drink) for thought. Put that on your green and swing it.

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