Justin Bieber Raids Your Grandma's Closet For His Latest Summer Fit

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Justin Bieber Raids Your Grandma's Closet For His Latest Summer Fit

Justin Bieber in the summer is an absolute revelation.

The 27-year-old Canadian pop superstar has a tendency to get a little sloppy in the style department during the cooler months, with a proclivity for wearing baggy tracksuits and Crocs out in public.

But the last few outfits he’s shared with the world over this summer have been as refreshing as a minty Mojito – especially when it comes to his shirts. Loud numbers in Mykonos, a Cuban-inspired guayabera in California, a classic marinière in Paris… Not only is he trotting the globe (must be nice) but he’s becoming a world champion summer style icon.

His latest outfit is yet another win. Posing at the lobby of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in – you guessed it – Beverly Hills, on Wednesday, Bieber looked positively radiant in a short-sleeve egg yolk-coloured cardigan that immediately brings to mind your grandma cooking up a fried breakfast.

Bieber rounded off the look with some exceptionally crisp khakis, clean white Nike Air Force 1s, squared-off sunglasses and a big gold beaded necklace. It’s a decidedly retro look that on paper really shouldn’t work but actually works a treat.

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It seems Bieber’s taking a bit of style inspiration from fellow musician, friend and LA native Tyler, the Creator, who’s known for his penchant for remixing previously kitsch items like cardigans and pearl necklaces with classic streetwear nous and luxurious touches.

Bieber’s been enjoying an extended summer holiday, flitting between Europe and the US along with a huge entourage including his supermodel wife Hailey, manager Scooter Braun and rising Australian hip-hop star The Kid Laroi.

Laroi’s latest single Stay, which features Bieber as a guest vocalist, has been sitting on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 4 weeks now. Musical success like that would give anyone a sunny disposition.

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