Justin Bieber's Parisian Style Is A Must Try Menswear Look This Season

Marinière flair.

Justin Bieber's Parisian Style Is A Must Try Menswear Look This Season

Even the most die-hard ‘Beliebers’ would admit that it’s a challenge keeping up with Justin Bieber’s ever-evolving wardrobe.

The 27-year-old Canadian superstar used to be known for his skinny jeans and pudding bowl haircuts. These days, he’s all about baggy workwearhuge hoodies, and rubber clogs like Yeezy Foam RNNRs or Crocs – ‘the footwear contraceptive for men‘. Sometimes he pulls off winning outfits, like this Formula One-inspired look… But then he’ll turn around and commit a fashion fail, like with this sloppy suit.

Thankfully his latest sartorial experiment is an example of the former as opposed to the latter. Snapped on the streets of Montecito, Santa Barbara (an exclusive neighbourhood that’s home to celebrities like Ellen, Oprah and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) with wife Hailey, Bieber looked positively Parisian in the Californian sunshine – perhaps inspired by his recent trip to the City of Lights earlier in March.

What’s so Parisian about the outfit? The short-sleeved marinière he’s rocking – one of the most iconic pieces of French fashion of all time, and a perennial must-have in any modern man’s outfit.

The marinière, also known as the Breton shirt (or as a ‘telnyashka’ in Russia) is a classic white striped shirt that owes its origins to the French Navy. First introduced as part of their naval uniform in the mid-1800s, it has since become a staple in civilian French fashion and is a popular emblem of French culture more broadly.

It’s slimming, classy yet approachable, and great no matter the season… Pair it with a beret and a baguette for maximum effect.

Traditionally, a marinière has navy blue and white alternating stripes, but these days other colours such as green, red or black are common. Bieber’s marinière features three different coloured stripes: white, brown and beige; a subtle twist on the classic garment.

Bieber’s taken that very Gallic marinière and added a Californian twist, pairing it with some cuffed work trousers, some classic checkerboard slip-on Vans and a Nike SB beanie. He could easily pass as a Le Dôme skater kid, n’est-ce pas?

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In other Bieber news, the music video for the DJ Khaled track Let It Go, which Bieber and rapper 21 Savage appear on, has just been released. It features the trio living it up on a Miami golf course, with Bieber rocking a rather questionable dreadlocked haircut that’s had tongues wagging.

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