Kanye West Flying: Rapper Reveals The Worst Kind Of First Class Flyer

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Kanye West Flying: Rapper Reveals The Worst Kind Of First Class Flyer

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If cattle class is like Guantanamo, first class is like a Byzantine palace.

It has its downsides, however, as the Grammy-winning rapper, record producer and now presidential candidate Kanye West recently revealed to Joe Rogan.

Kanye West appeared last week on The Joe Rogan Experience – one of America’s (if not the world’s) most popular podcasts – grazing a number of thought-provoking topics.

During the interview, Kanye revealed how some rich people’s ‘first class’ mindset can be detrimental not just to society but to themselves.

“I was in the airport and there was a first class line that was super slow and there was a coach area with like eight openings and there was no one in it. And then I hopped out and another gentleman hopped out with me and went to that line and we went through.”

“But the rich people with the Hermes belts didn’t want to lose their position so bad that they would rather wait in the first class line than to have the time back and go to [the coach line].”

“Now, this gentleman is a surgeon that works on people’s hearts… That kind of engineer’s surgeon doctor mentality is like, ‘Yeah, I got money because this is what I’m doing. But I’m here to serve.’ And I have a mentality that I’m not better than the person that’s in coach, which is the reason why we were the only two that went through that.”

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Later on in the podcast, Kanye dropped more aviation-related gold, this time with an insight we can all relate to.

Speaking about being in hospital for a foot injury, Kanye compared the nurses’ insistence he take a pill with that of a flight attendant offering cups of water on a plane: “Five doctors and nurses asked me if I want a pill; this is worse than when you don’t accept water on the plane and they just keep [asking you], ‘do you want some more water?'”

“I’ll take the water… [but] I don’t want to be responsible for the water. Like when the plane takes off and it goes like this. And I got [water going everywhere].”

“I told him, I don’t want no water.”

Whether you see Kanye as a visionary or an ego-maniac, the podcast is an interesting listen, with the 43 year old rapper – since his “come to God” moment – now appearing to see himself as some kind of new-age Noah, destined to lead the US into brighter pastures.

“I always make the right decision” Kanye claimed, “when given all the information.”

“That’s my skillset.”

Humbly, or perhaps contradictorily, he also said if he becomes president he would use his instincts to always defer to the experts when appropriate.

Our main takeaway? It’s not just Trump and Biden who need to watch their thrones; the business class bloggers of the world need to watch theirs, too…

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