Kanye West Quilted Jacket: Rapper Steps Out In A World Fashion First

Money can't buy happiness.

Kanye West Quilted Jacket: Rapper Steps Out In A World Fashion First

Self-proclaimed “world’s greatest rockstar” Kanye West regularly steps out in some head-scratching, question-asking outfits, take his fisherman-inspired outfit from last year as an example.

But, to his credit, he can provide some genuine style statements that can send shockwaves through the fashion world – his Yeezy Boost sneakers being a prime example of this. His latest outfit proves he’s always on the cutting edge of fashion, though, as he was spotted wearing a quilted paisley jacket, unlike anything we here at D’Marge have ever seen before.

Hailing from Japanese fashion label Visvim, Kanye’s jacket looks like a mashup between a tablecloth and a doona, so no doubt offers extreme levels of comfort. Although, given how happy our bed makes us feel, we’re not sure why Kanye has a particularly glum look on his face. We haven’t been able to find Kanye’s exact jacket on the Visvim website, but a similar version (albeit women’s) can be had for US$4,005.

The rap megastar teams his jacket with wide-leg navy pants and another pair of his own Yeezy slides. He previously slipped on a metallic silver pair when he appeared in his own opera, held in Miami in December last year. This time around he’s opted for a bone coloured pair, which you can pick up for US$55. Kanye continues to wear his with socks, something we wholeheartedly don’t endorse.

As ever, his look has divided the online community, with some Instagram users claiming his coat to be “so hard!” (in a good way, we imagine), while others say, “Kanye needs a f**king stylist man. He dress [sic] like he gives nooo f***s!”

Cheer up Kanye, it might never happen.

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