Kanye West Leaves The Internet Reeling With 'Luxury' Fisherman Flex

Hook, line and sinker.

Kanye West Leaves The Internet Reeling With 'Luxury' Fisherman Flex

A’hoy there mateys and welcome to another edition of “What’s Kanye wearing this week?”. The outspoken rapper and self-proclaimed poster boy for God can regularly be seen wearing some head-turning outfits, take his wellington boots and Burberry suit combo from a few weeks ago.

Appearing in a photo posted to the Upscale Hype Instagram account, Yeezus has really outdone himself, looking more trawler than brawler, with an outfit that wouldn’t look too out of place on the High Seas.

Snapped alongside fellow rapper Sheck Wes, West can be seen teaming a blue long sleeve sweater and cream puffer gilet together with some loose fit khaki pants and another pair of wellington boots – the Stronger rapper clearly frequently finds himself in wet conditions.

While that may be enough to take in as it is, he tops off his Moby Dick outfit with a balaclava and some motocross bike gloves. 

The exact make of his outfit is unknown, but – Kanye being Kanye – you can be sure it ain’t cheap. Even that wasn’t enough to save Kanye though from the Upscale Hype comments section though.

While his fashion choices often divide opinion, the comments for his latest are far more negative than positive. One user said of Kanye’s outfit: “Kanye out here lookin [sic] like a Fortnite character.”, while another thought they were a bit late with their fancy dress: “I honestly thought they were dressed for Halloween, but what do I know.”

There appears to be far greater support for Sheck’s outfit, although one user thought he looks like he should be gutting the fish that Kanye catches.

In any case, the internet (us included) has fallen hook, line and sinker for Kanye’s latest attempt to draw attention to himself.

Well played, Captain Kanye. Well played indeed.

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