Kanye West Commits The Only Footwear Sin Worse Than Socks & Sandals

Big rubber energy.

Kanye West Commits The Only Footwear Sin Worse Than Socks & Sandals

He may not have the humility of Jesus, but he certainly has the faith: Kanye West just wore a shoe that would make even the most hardened hypebeast wince: pond-sourced crocs. Though they weren’t dripping in slime, America’s favourite mad professor still managed to make the move worse, pairing the dodgy footwear with a pair of your grandma’s thick grey socks.

The 42-year-old rapper then stepped out, like this, to perform at Astroworldfest, a Texas festival featuring the likes of Pharrell, Marilyn Manson, Gucci Mane and Travis Scott, and – despite committing a fashion atrocity – displayed his signature showbiz upon the stage. While not exactly unusual for Kanye, this confidence in the face of such absurdity led us to believe this must be no ordinary crocs and socks abomination (a la Justin Bieber’s recent widely mocked downtown LA ‘big rubber energy‘).

This assumption proved correct, and a little digging around revealed these ghastly ‘foot maisons’ are in fact a preview of the soon-to-be-released Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners, which are made from pond-sourced algae, and will allegedly retail for US$75.

Kanye did little to redeem the look, pairing the ‘crocs’ with baggy navy track pants (plain, not the three-striped Calabasas), an oversized blue hoodie and a light-grey gilet (all of which appear to be part of his signature Yeezy range). While this classic apparel looks good on the street (or with a pair of proper sneakers), we’re casting a “hard no” on combining it with anything suspicious and rubbery.

Commenters on Upscale Hype, an Instagram style page who posted the photo, have also condemned the ensemble, calling Kanye’s kicks everything from “janitor shoes” to “fake ass crocs.” One particularly mean user even wrote: “Wait… he paid someone to design that? Those look like something kids draw in kindergarten.”

Admittedly, there was one positive comment, which said: “Jesus Walks 4’s.” If you are of this school of thought and are interested in getting a pair for yourself, they are expected to be debuted early next year, after being initially unveiled (in White colourway) back in September.

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First spotted on West’s daughter, North, earlier this year, the moulded and futuristic looking ‘sneaker crocs’ will also be available in Khaki (and, of course, both designs have ventilation slits for days).

Also of note is that, while officially unveiling the model (with his head designer Stephen Smith), Kanye revealed plans to start producing products in the United States and maybe even to have a Yeezy headquarters on a 4,000-acre ranch in Wyoming.

Talk about big rubber energy.

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