Kanye West’s Leggings Have Got To Go: Rapper Pairs Spandex With Knee-Highs For Date With New Boo

Slay or nay?

Kanye West’s Leggings Have Got To Go: Rapper Pairs Spandex With Knee-Highs For Date With New Boo

Image: Romer Macapuno

Never one to play it safe with an outfit – or with anything, for that matter – Kanye West has once again outdone himself by stepping out for a date night with his new boo sporting the same skin-tight bottoms that are quickly becoming a hallmark.

Only a matter of days ago, we at DMARGE wrote about Kanye West’s latest style devolution in the form of some skin-tight leggings that he wore whilst visiting a potential new studio and performance space, along with a retro soccer top and an altogether bedraggled beard.

This week, we’re happy to report that the beard has been tidied up… But replaced with something just as questionable. Stepping out for a romantic dinner with his new Aussie wife Bianca Censori, the pair visited Hollywood hotspot Cecconi’s in head-turning outfits.

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The 45-year-old rapper who has recently (and rightly) found himself ostracised by much of the mainstream media after a slew of anti-Semitic remarks has never been a stranger to boundary-pushing fashion choices, but his recent switch to barely-there leggings has even his most committed fans raising their eyebrows.

While Censori – Kanye’s 27-year-old new wife – showcased her impressive figure in a beige sports bra and skintight grey spandex, West thankfully went for something a little more modest on his top-half, sporting an oversized black synthetic sweater that is likely an as-yet-unreleased Yeezy silhouette.

However, it was actually West’s choice of lower-body accessories that really caught our eye this time: accentuating the black leggings was a set of knee-high, futuristic padding that look like something you’d expect to see in an MMA gym rather than on the streets of West Hollywood.

Censori’s eyes aren’t the only thing that’s bulging in this all-around tightly-clad candid. Image: Getty

While the whole outfit definitely felt somewhat more considered and cohesive than West’s last effort, I’m still not entirely convinced by the skin-tight silhouette he’s pushing on his bottom half, no matter how intently he tries to dress it up with striking accessories.

The couple, whose unconventional and unexpected relationship was reportedly solidified in January when TMZ broke the news that West and Censori had obtained a marriage certificate, is said to have met when West “slid into her DMs, found her on Instagram, and said, ‘Come and work for me'”.

Now Yeezy’s Head of Architecture, Censori secured the position after earning a Master’s degree in Building Design from the University of Melbourne. Meanwhile, Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian has said she’s ready to get dating again after a nine-month romance with comedian Pete Davidson.

In fairness, this is a marked improvement on last week’s fit. Image: Getty

Though I’m happy to see Kanye settled and keeping his down – at least, relative to a pretty hectic few months prior to this – I do wonder if these daring new looks are part of a somewhat misguided effort to rehabilitate his image and reestablish himself as a style pioneer.

Kanye’s eye for design and ability to foresee future trends has often been massively downplayed by his naysayers, and I’m certainly not looking to join that particular rabble. However, as a man who’s approaching fifty quicker than many of us realise, Kanye needs to make a modicum of effort to dress accordingly.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for the world here: synthetic sweaters and Robocop kneepads are all fine by me, but the leggings have simply got to go.