Ken Block’s Instagram Reveals Tragic Last Hours Of Motorsport Legend

Rest in peace, legend.

Ken Block’s Instagram Reveals Tragic Last Hours Of Motorsport Legend

The world-famous professional rally driver and founder of Hoonigan’s sad passing is a huge loss for the world of motorsports – but his final hours, as catalogued on his Instagram, offer a small sense of comfort.

The 55-year-old passed away yesterday in a snowmobile accident near Woodland, Utah. In a statement, local law enforcement confirmed that Block had been riding a steep slope in the Mill Hollow area when his snowmobile upended and landed on top of him. Block was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

It’s a tragic accident, but fans can get some solace knowing that he passed away doing something he loves, as evidenced by his last few social media posts.

Block’s last Instagram Story posts show him arriving at his alpine ranch to some heavy powder – his snowmobiles and other vehicles blanketed in snow – with the thrillseeker expressing his excitement to get out and hit the snow.

His last few Instagram posts show how Block and his family spent their Christmas at the ranch, enjoying the heavy snow, snowboarding and staying cozy around the fire.

As one commenter put it: “The man went out doing what he loves, one of his many hobbies. Probably even had a smile on his face.”

Block has long been one of motorsport’s most interesting figures.  A co-founder of DC Shoes, he moved into the world of rally driving and quickly made a name for himself, developing the Hoonigan brand and creating the much-loved Gymkhana video series, Road & Track relates.

Block’s partnerships with Audi, Ford and Porsche – as well as his insane vehicular stunts – are the stuff of legends. An adrenaline junky and Utah native, he was also a passionate winter sports fan. RIP Ken.

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