Business Class Passenger Livid After Being Served ‘Credit Card’ Sized Steak

A rare complaint...

Business Class Passenger Livid After Being Served ‘Credit Card’ Sized Steak

A business class passenger has left a searing rebuke of the size of the steak he was served while flying at the pointy end of a Korean Air flight. He also said he, and other passengers, were not offered blankets or alcohol during the flight.

A Korean man has blasted Korean Air for the size of his steak on a recent flight from Hawaii to Korea. He took to the online social community Naver Cafe, likening it to the size of a credit card, and suggesting he wasn’t alone in his surprise.

According to SBS News, “dissatisfaction erupted everywhere.” Outlets like 9Honey and The Korea Times also reported on the complaint. SBS News says that the man said that when people ordered Ramen after receiving the small steak, those who ordered it a little late did not end up receiving it.

Image: Naver Cafe

Some Naver Cafe users backed him up, with remarks like: “I have no conscience for giving me a meal like that for 6 million won [AU $7,200]”.

“I was more surprised at the 6.48 million won flight price than the in-flight meal. I’m giving up on overseas travel this year!”

Despite being critical of the size of his meal, the man allegedly complemented Korean Air’s business class flight attendants, saying: “The service of the flight attendants was still the best.”

Image: Naver Cafe

Other gripes include food rationing (grapes being handed out one-by-one!) and the cheese being sliced very thinly.

COVID-19 (and the bordure closures and quarantine policies that have come with it) is allegedly to blame for the airline’s supply issues. Some passengers reportedly expressed concerns that this “low quality service will become the norm.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this fear expressed by business class passengers. In 2020 a man went viral for criticising the lack of champagne on his Singapore Airlines flight.

He called it “daylight robbery” and said the airline should be ashamed of itself for charging so much and offering so little, suggesting the airline should be charging 30% less for his flight.

Australian travellers were also a bit bemused when they were served instant noodles on a Virgin Australia business class flight, also during the pandemic. This was a sage that sparked broader concerns over the so-called Americanisation of business class.

Let’s hope things get back to normal soon.

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