Qantas Business Class Passenger’s Complaint Divides The Internet

Paper plate gate?

Image Credit: The Luxury Traveller

A Qantas business class passenger has divided the internet with a complaint which some people think is fair enough, and other people think is ridiculous.

A Qantas business class passenger has divided the internet with a complaint about as flimsy as a piece of cardboard. The pointy end passenger took to Facebook to vent their frustration about the lack of crockery in the Sydney Domestic Terminal business class lounge.

This complaint about paper plates reportedly sparked uproar online, with reporting: “The uproar began after one traveller posted her frustrations to Facebook, saying, ‘In the Business Lounge in Sydney Domestic terminal. I know this makes me a snob, but paper plates? Really?'”

The passenger added: “Just a gentle whinge, I don’t want to start a fight.”

A Qantas representative told ESCAPE Travel the paper plates were a stopgap measure while the lounge’s dishwasher was being repaired and said it was not due to COVID-19 staff shortages.

Qantas’ domestic business class lounge, Sydney. Image Credit: Qantas

Some of the business class aficionados of Facebook were not forgiving, however, with one Facebook user reportedly claiming they were given the same excuse on the 1st of May, and writing: “Not good enough” and “I don’t have to be happy about it.”

Others disagreed, calling the complainant a “snob” and urging them to get some perspective (or maybe just go to Hungry Jacks, where those of us that can’t afford to be a member of Qantas’ business class lounge gobble burgers off paper bags).

This isn’t the first time business class passengers have reacted negatively to an airline’s improvisation tactics. Virgin Australia was skewered last year over ‘Noodlegate,’ when it served business class passengers hot pot noodles up in the air.

Another business class passenger complained in 2020 when Singapore Airlines stopped serving champagne due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

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