LeBron James Does The Unthinkable With Luxurious Pre-Game Outfit

Cutting edge?

LeBron James Does The Unthinkable With Luxurious Pre-Game Outfit

LeBron James has never been afraid of going out on a limb when it comes to style (or dunks).

The 36-year-old Los Angeles Lakers lynchpin has made a habit out of ruffling feathers with his fashion choices over the last twelve months, from upsetting gender norms by toting a handbag pre-game to pioneering the ‘matchy-matchy’ summer outfit trend that took over 2020.

His latest look might be the most radical yet – and one that’s sure to upset fans of fine tailoring.

Ahead of the Lakers v Suns game last Friday, ‘King James’ rocked a typically eclectic outfit that included boatloads of bling, a Warren Lotas baseball cap, John Elliot shirt, Burberry socks and a pair of as-of-yet unreleased Sacai x Nike Blazer Low “Light British Tan” sneakers. So far, so LeBron.

But the really shocking part of his outfit was his shorts, which look like Thom Browne suit pants that have been chopped off above the knee like they were denim shorts. It’s a risky look that’s divided fan opinion – a bit too cutting edge for his own good (literally).

Considering that a Thom Browne suit can set you back as much as $6,000, it’s a ballsy move to take a pair of scissors to your suit pants like this. It’s also a rather unconventional look that we’re not sure will catch on… Or even ought to catch on. Still, he doesn’t look bad per se.

Some of his fans on social media were a little less kind. One commenter quipped “stick to hooping you fits be hotdog water” – which might be one of the most creative putdowns we’ve heard in a while.

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We’re currently in the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs, with the Lakers and the Suns tied at 2-2 in their best of seven after the Suns’ win earlier today. Their next game, their fifth, is scheduled for Wednesday at the Suns’ home stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

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