‘Lewis Hamilton Fashion Week’: F1 Star’s Las Vegas Wardrobe Raises The Bar Yet Again

It's the pearls for me.

‘Lewis Hamilton Fashion Week’: F1 Star’s Las Vegas Wardrobe Raises The Bar Yet Again

Image: @lewishamilton

Lewis Hamilton has long been recognised as the most stylish man in Formula One, but a new post revealing the names behind his Las Vegas Grand Prix wardrobe takes things to the next level.

Although he’s no stranger to top-drawer wrist candy and thirst traps alike, fashion is what Lewis Hamilton is best known for besides his world-beating antics on the race track. Given that he had to endure a disappointing 7th-place finish at the Las Vegas Grand Prix this past weekend, you’ll be happy to hear that the racing star has more than made up for it with a slew of killer outfits…

While much of the Grand Prix news cycle across the weekend was taken up by news of manholes gone wild and midnight practice finish times, Hamilton is well-practised at turning up in just the right outfit at just the right time to ensure a more than fair share of the media attention is directed directly towards him… and this weekend was no exception.

Taking to Instagram earlier today to round up his most accomplished looks, the post opened with a piece that will no doubt become iconic within a matter of minutes and this image (or its sister slide later in the post) is likely to enter the annals of F1 history in an equally short space of time: the Versace leather jacket — likely gifted to him directly from Donatella Versace herself, as suggested by a tag in the final slide — brings together Versace’sgarish but somehow timeless designs, Vegas’ own outspoken aesthetic and Hamilton’s love for designer gear.

Next up is the bright red number from Bottega Veneta that Hamilton was seen wearing in the final hours before the race began. Paired, as always, with sunglasses and an immaculate lineup of bejewelled accessories, Highsnobiety explains that:

The furtive red look in question was courtesy of Bottega Veneta and its custom cotton blouson and trousers from its Summer 2024 collection.


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more glamorous, enter the gold and glittering Burberry co-ord that Hamilton chose to sign autographs in after the big race. Paired with shades once again and featuring a matching Burberry tee (short or long-sleeved is yet to be confirmed) underneath a Bomber that matched a pair of parachuting pants below, this was a look that could stop anyone in their tracks.

Then came a graphic red sweatshirt from Plus44 World, the brand that was launched into the mainstream spotlight when Hamilton followed their Instagram account late last year. Featuring their classic cartoonish designs inspired by the Japanese tradition, surrounded by fonts in equally bright, garish colours, this was an outfit sported by Hamilton in his downtime over the weekend.

Lewis Hamilton wearing his Versace Las Vegas leather jacket.
The Versace jacket already has fans salivating worldwide. Image: @lewishamilton

Last but far from least was his all-black masterclass from Valentino, the look featured a long overcoat with floral detailing across the oversized lapels and a waistcoat worn over Hamilton’s bear torso, allowing his famous tattoos a little airtime too. Paired with shades and pearls, this is my personal favourite fit from the Las Vegas weekend.

Nevertheless, every look has garnered adoration from fans. So much so that they are overruling the star’s caption —’LVFW’, likely an acronym for Las Vegas Fashion Week — with calls for there to be an official ‘LHFW’, a ‘Lewis Hamilton Fashion Week’.

Suffice to say that while he may not have excelled on the track this weekend h he certainly nailed his looks on every runway he could find, and his fans are very much here for it…