Lewis Hamilton’s Fitness Is Proof Drivers Have No Days Off

What break?

Lewis Hamilton’s Fitness Is Proof Drivers Have No Days Off

Cuts and bruises heal, but shame lives forever. And by god has Lewis Hamilton just put most of us to the sword, debuting a body that proves not everyone was idle in lockdown.

Taking to Instagram yesterday with the caption “with all that is happening in the world, my only getaway is to… channel the emotions and energy into building my body stronger,” the 6-time Formula One World Champion posted the following photo.

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“Staying active both mentally and physically is so important today, I want to encourage those of you out there to keep working out even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Every little helps,” Hamilton added.

“This has been the best training period I’ve ever had, I can’t stop and I won’t!

The transformation is such that 11-time World Champion surfer Kelly Slater commented, “Dude! Ripped.”

Whether or not he remains this impeccably shredded, Hamilton better ensure he’s mentally and physically ready: the F1 2020 season is set to start on the 3rd of July with a trip to Austria for practice, before the first Grand Prix gets underway on the 5th of July.

His post also adds to the growing library of anecdotal evidence that suggests today’s athletes – whether Formula One drivers or football players – are not left with enough time to focus on themselves due to the rampant commercial nature of sport.

With Hamilton packing on gains and Mbappe cruising in a ‘space age’ ice bath earlier this week, perhaps, contrary to many pundits’ beliefs, we will see fewer injuries coming out of lockdown than a usual time period.

Only time (and physio bills) will tell.

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