Lewis Hamilton Shares Muscle Building Advice Every Ectomorph Needs To Hear

"I’ve always been that skinny dude."

Lewis Hamilton Shares Muscle Building Advice Every Ectomorph Needs To Hear

The word ~gains~, for most of us, conjures up some image of a personal trainer yelling “wimps don’t win” or “no pain no gain,” or a fitness guru breaking down the ins and outs of hypertrophy, protein consumption and the merits (or the lack thereof) of eating carbohydrates at night.

Today, however, we have been treated to more macro take on macros, courtesy of Sir Lewis Hamilton. A British racing legend, Hamilton currently competes in Formula One for Mercedes (and is at the time of writing #2 in the world), having previously driven for McLaren from 2007 to 2012.

Yesterday Hamilton took to Instagram with a reflection on his health, and a message for all those who are struggling with building muscle: “I’ve always been that skinny dude. Partly because of my job but mostly due to misguidance on diet, training, lack of certain workouts and bad sleep. Training is a struggle for me, it always has been.”

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“There are days when I just don’t have the motivation, days I hate my body, days where I feel fat or too skinny. My weight fluctuates a lot, up and down 2-3kg weekly depending on sleep, water and training. Remaining consistent is key but most important of all is eating right.”

“This is also not easy as I’m sure you know but we have to keep trying. This is me after a good session this morning.”

Hamilton also shared the benefits of working out on his mental health and invited his followers to be kicked into action: “Remember, working out releases endorphins that kick start your day positively so if you’re anything like me and struggle with mental health, training is a huge player in helping keep you on a positive. Go have an awesome week!”

Many sports and entertainment figures chimed in alongside the post, with Cristiano Ronaldo commenting: “Bro not like me but you look good😂😂😂👍.”

“I’ve never seen anyone being able to be so vulnerable and so motivating at the same time. keep shining your light on us, champ, we love you more than words can express,” fanpage @lewishamiltonfaces wrote.

Carer, Magician, Speaker, Coach, Photographer @michaelvincentmagic commented: “A man in your position being so honest and vulnerable is inspiring – you’re a champion and I now understand why. Bless you Lewis. 👊🏾👍🏽🙏🏽✨”

It seems Hamiltons’ remarks resonated.

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